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School. Landry finds Tyra at her locker where she just lies and lies like a sad, guilty rug. She tells him that she had to be with her mom last night, she got bad news. It wasn't her, no, but her aunt. "Just some medical stuff." Oh, girl. You don't go there in a lie. That is so jinxy! Tyra tells him she has to go to read the entire book of Julius Caesar in forty-five minutes. Landry, mumbling, "Technically, it's a play."

Football field. Coach is firing the kids up for practice, telling them they've got a big game next week. Then without making a big deal, Coach informs them that they're going to rotate snaps between Matt and J.D. You can see Matt's face totally fall inside his helmet, J.D. starts to look sharp. Practice starts. The boys go one-for-one on completions, Matt totally holding his own. Until, that is, J.D. throws way down the field, and then Matt tries to do the same, all the boys watching it spiral going "Whooooooaaaa!" but then, pow, his toss just a tad bit off and the receiver misses it, and everyone cries. Or maybe that was just me.

As if Matt didn't have enough to manage, here he is at home, having to force Grandma out of the door. She saying she doesn't understand, she thought Matt was taking her to the doctor. She says she does not like different, "And I don't like HER," pointing at Shelby, who waits by the car. Matt tells his grandmother that he's had a really hard day, and he has all this studying to do, and he needs her to do this for him. She relents and stomps off to get in the car. Shelby tells Matt not to worry, and she really is a calming presence.

Coach and Tami in the car. Tami is conducting a one-person discourse, which must be kind of a common occurrence in the Taylor household. She tells Coach Katie's idea about stalking Paul, and says that that just seems pushy to her. But then she reconsiders a bit, "But maybe that's what I need to be doin?" Meanwhile, Coach is totally silent, and then veering off the road into a parking lot. "I need a drink," he says. Tami tells him that they have wine at home and Coach clarifies, "I need a Scotch-flavored drink."

Cut inside, Coach and Tami bellied up to a bar. Oh, how I love their friendship. Coach is now unloading on Tami, weighing all sides. There's no doubt that J.D. wins out when it comes to physical skills, that he has the best arm of any high school quarterback he's ever seen. That includes Jason Street. Tami thinks that's really saying something. But then Coach says that with Matt Saracen, he knows what he's got, the team knows how to play under him. He also remarks that after all Matt has gone through, if he benches him halfway through his senior year? It'd kill him. Tami reminds him this is the stuff that happens, this is football. And, I would add, this is life. Tami tells him that he doesn't have to have it set in stone, he can take it one game at a time. Coach wonders if she understands the significance of him starting J.D. rather than Matt. Then he continues spiraling in his own personal wormhole, first about how good J.D. is, then about how he's only fifteen, and has a freak show of a father, and how it is Coach's job to make sure that this kid isn't pushed too hard too soon, that he's prepared. Meanwhile, a big grin has started to spread on Tami's face. She leans over and hugs him, and tells him that this is what she loves about him. He's like "What? That I can't make a decision to save my life?" She tells him that she loves that he would agonize over a decision like this, that he makes decisions with such a conscience. She tells him it's because he's a teacher first, "Aaand, I know you are going to say it's corny, but you are a molder of men. And I find that admirable. And I find that sexy." She leans in and kisses him and he tells her he's just going to keep ruminating, since she finds it so sexy.

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