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That scene was like the beating heart of this whole entire television show. I'm telling you right now, this is the thesis statement. Highlight that shit in yellow.

Commercials. J.D. is practicing on the field with his private coach, when Eric walks up. He briefly greets Wade the Personal Trainer, and then turns to J.D. "Texas quick fire, H is in motion, whaddya do?" J.D. doesn't miss a beat and answers, "What's my strong side?" They continue like this, Coach rapid firing questions at J.D., J.D. answering every one of them correctly. "What've you been payin' attention or somethin'?" Coach wants to know. Then Coach asks J.D. to tell him something about himself. J.D. robots that he sets goals and he achieves them. Sir. Coach isn't having that, tells him it isn't a job interview, and asks him what he does when he isn't playing football. J.D. is seriously precious when he answers, "Uh, um, play Madden on my Xbox, or go swimmin'? Usually I'm just practicing or workin' out." Coach tells him that he needs to bulk up, eat some chicken fried steak. J.D. tells Coach that he isn't allowed to eat fried foods, his dad says it's bad for him. This guy needs to be turned into Child Protection Services. No chicken fried steak at fifteen? Coach is like, "Oh, he does does he?" and I love this storyline already. Because what has Coach not had to deal with as a "molder of men"? Fathers. Coach asks watch the kid throw a little, and J.D. goes ahead and tosses football after football, hitting his mark every time.

Tami walks into a coffee shop, hair down, wearing a low cut coral halter top. Jeez, Tami, Katie told you to play the game, not show up looking like a stripper. She takes a seat, directly across from where Superintendent Paul is sitting, and then a bit later makes like she's just noticed him. "Oh, hey, Paul!" He seems a bit nonplussed to see her, and tells her that he's just finishing up, needs to get to a meeting. She takes the plunge, "Well, I'm lookin' forward to our meeting this week" jumping up to slide into his booth. She tells him she'll be quick, and starts rattling off some information about what the Jumbotron money could get the school. He stops calling her Tami, saying, "Principal Taylor, I don't think this is the proper time." Tami tries to breezily drop that she realizes that, but she knows that he's been talking to Buddy Garrity on the golf course. Pauls's eyebrows raise, and he tells her there's no reason to get angry. And what happens here is so infuriating, because how do you respond to an accusation that you are angry? Well, you feel a little irritated at the implication, irritation that shades into anger. As Tami assures him she is NOT angry, she starts to get angry, and as he gets up to leave he tells her that he wants more teachers and supplies, too. "But those people gave that money for a Jumbotron." Tami realizes exactly what is happening. This meeting is a kangaroo court, everyone's minds are made up. Paul leaves, giving her a sort of finger gun, telling her that he's real interested in hearing what she has to say at the meeting, and then leaves her there, her mouth opening and closing like a fish.

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