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Landry and Matt sit at the Peach Pit like place the kids hang out in (does this place have a name? I can't remember). Landry is trying to get Matt to talk about his mom being in town, Matt is resisting. Julie walks up in this kelly green tank top with a bow on the front that I'm really coveting. She and Matt start chatting about an upcoming midterm, as Landry notices Tyra and Cash walking up to the restaurant outside. Landry gets up and goes outside. Tyra's puppy love grin fades from her face as she sees Landry; Tyra tells Cash that she and Landry have to have a little conversation. Landry has put things together: "I'm really starting to think that by 'aunt' you really meant 'Cash.'" Tyra apologizes, Landry is not accepting it. She tells him they broke up two months ago, Landry wants to know what's changed since then. Tyra raises her voice, shouting, "What hasn't changed?" Landry shouts over her about how she holds his hand, and calls him her best friend. Tyra shouts that she held his hand in Cloverfield, it was a scary movie. Damn straight that movie was terrfying! They're both red in the face and screaming at each other. Oh, it's hard to see teenaged heartbreak. It hurts, it really does. Landry screams about Tyra wanting to choose a guy who rides horses and drives a truck. Tyra's like 'Yeah, he rides horses, so?" and then finally puts a nail in it: "YES I'M CHOOSING HIM."

Julie and Matt sit in Matt's house studying for midterms. Grandma's in her recliner reading the paper. Shelby comes to the door with two big bags of groceries. Matt asks her what she's doing, and she says she just picked up some things at the store. Leaning in, she calls back to Grandma, "Vanilla creams, right?" Grandma ignores her, gets up and storms back to her bedroom, slamming the door. Shelby comes in, and Matt introduces her to Julie, who is wide-eyed and trying to roll with it. Matt mutters that this is "my mom." Shelby says she found some baby pictures of Matt, and Julie eagerly says she'd love to see them. Matt interrupts them, "You can't do this." Shelby immediately gets quiet and says she knows she can't just come around like this. Matt tells her that he doesn't need her help. This shot of Matt is beautiful, in close-up on the right side of the screen. Zach Gilford is bringing it this season; his awkward adolescence being slowly eclipsed by this forceful personhood. He tells her that he needed her help ten years ago, but he doesn't need it anymore. Shelby is completely abashed. Matt thanks her for taking Grandma to the doctor; "you wanted to help, you helped. Now please go home." Shelby quietly says, "Sweetheart, I didn't mean to--" but Matt tells her, just as quietly, "No. Don't call me that." She leaves, Julie stands there, once again witness to something totally personal in the Saracen house, Matt goes to check on his grandmother. There are so many terrifying things about intimacy, about really being a part of another person's world so fully, and its the most terrifying the first time you do it, in high school. Watching these teenagers try to manage such moments makes that sensation just so real again.

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