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Commercials. Tami sits on the bed, with pad of paper and pen. Coach comes in, and she tosses her pen down. Tami, tears in her eyes, says that she should never have picked this fight. Coach tells her that yes she should. She doesn't think he means that. He tells her that it is obvious that she is right and they are wrong. She asks him if he really thinks that, and Coach is like, hell yes I am. "You think we need a Jumbotron? We don't need a Jumbotron. We need more teachers. You're right, they're wrong." Tami sighs that she's going to lose anyway, and Coach responds that "Okay, yeah, they're gonna get the Jumbotron and in that sense you lose tomorrow. But you stood up for what you believe in, and in that sense, you win tomorrow." The language is corny, but this scene is a perfect companion to the central bar scene, the Taylors are coming back together. And the thing is, that much as part of my brain chafes a bit that Tami's crisis is a B-side to Coach's, my heart realizes that this show says what it has to say about gender by putting these people into real world situations, with real world obstacles like the golf course. Tami made a mistake because she is new to the job and the world is still oriented against women in the workplace in a lot of ways; if she were breezing through, her gorgeous hair flowing, that would say so much less to me than her stumbling. That said, we do need more scenes of girls hanging out with each other, not just always with the boys.

Saracen house. Matt apologizes to his grandmother for having Shelby take her to the doctor. Grandma waves the apology off and says that what she's about to say does not mean that she forgives Shelby, and that she still does not like her. But, "Your daddy, he's very difficult. We both know that. And, maybe, shoot, maybe I coulda helped her out, little bit more than I did." Matt asks her what she means, but Grandma doesn't want to get into it. "I just mean what I said, that's it. Let's not have a big ole soap opera about it." I think we all know what Matt's dad was doing to Shelby.

Coach and Smash in the car. Smash looks out the window nervously, while Coach drills him about whether he has all his gear, and then just rattled out advice, advice, advice. Smash tells him, "I GOT IT, Coach!" and then broaches the subject of Mitch Stallman being a front office guy. Coach does not respond. They keep driving.

Matt walks into a little motel coffee shop to meet Shelby. She wonders how she found her, and he smirks, "Well, there's only two motels in town, so..." Matt sits with shoulders slumped, and tells her that he knows that his dad is a jerk, he yells and throws stuff. "I guess that's why you left?" Shelby tells her that she isn't going to say anything bad about his dad, and then tells him that she was seventeen when she got pregnant, she was just a kid. She tells him that she will never forgive herself for leaving him. She tells him that she doesn't expect him to forgive her; he asks her what she wants, then. And she answers, that when she found out that he was all alone in this, that it was too much. "I just felt, like a deep-- I just felt bad." I love that she has a failure of language there, just like her son often has. She clearly feels much more than she can articulate. She tells him that she isn't looking for him to call him mom, that she just really would love to stick around for a few weeks, to just see if she can lend a hand. Matt, not looking at her: "Alright."

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