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Texas A&M football field. Smash is suited up on the sidelines next to Coach. Smash goes to take a knee, but Coach barks, "Stand up." Smash exposits that they've been there for an hour already. Just then Mitch finally shows up....only to tell Smash and Coach that they need to reschedule. Again. Coach clicks the bottom of his jaw to the side a bit -- the only show of emotion or reaction (Kyle Chandler is so good at these tiny adjustments)-- and asks Mitch if he's kidding. Mitch prattles about the Thursday night games throwing their schedule off (a little dig there at the new practice of having football games during the week for television ratings). Smash looks at Coach, and Gaius Charles also has been surprising this season so far in how well he does "vulnerable." Here he truly looks like a kid, who isn't sure what to do. Coach pauses, brain obviously revving behind those wraparound glasses, and then tells Smash, "Follow me."

Coach marches out onto the field, interrupting practice. "Hey, Vince!" He apologizes, telling him that he respects practice, but he has to tell him something: "This kid can flat out play." He sells Smash hard, telling the coach that Smash has got heart and guts. "You just ask yourself if you want to be the one who passed this kid up" and then tells the coach that he doesn't know when they're going to be able to get back down there to A&M again. The coach hard asses to Taylor, asking him that if someone had pulled a stunt like this over at TMU, what Head Coach Wood would have done. Coach looks down and then goes for it, "Well, he woulda said there's a guy with balls and a courage of convictions. Then he woulda looked me in the eye and said get the hell off my field." This wins the A&M coach over, he turns around and starts to rearrange his guys on the field so that Smash can walk-on.

Coach grabs Smash and tells him to listen to him, "Listen to me closer than you've EVER listened to me before." Coach asks Smash to remember a particular game, telling him that he came in and took that game over, play by play, "You owned that game." Coach tells him that watching him that day, he realized that Smash was going to go all the way. "Right now, right here, God has placed you to do what you do best. Go all the way." HELL YES. Smash goes from little kid vulnerable, to self-reliant man. He is READY. Cut to scrimmage. Smash is running ball after ball, driving, cutting, and then finally, making a beautiful run into the endzone. He's doing it! On the sidelines, the A&M coach asks Eric which knee Smash busted up, "I couldn't tell." Coach: "Exactly." The A&M coach seems impressed, but doesn't show too much. He tells Coach that they'll give him a call.

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