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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Commercials. Smash's mother tries to console her son in the high school parking lot. His sisters hang back a bit as he tearfully apologizes to his mother. She tells him he's talking nonsense, but he won't listen. He declares that "everybody knows" that he's the family's meal ticket and that he's let them down. Well, actually, mister, your MOTHER is the family's meal ticket and one thing you shouldn't be doing to her is making her feel guilty over how much pressure you feel. He says he needs to be alone and walks away.

Out at the Anti-Homecoming, a DJ spins a kick ass and majorly crowded dance party in the middle of the field. Everybody's doing shots; regular shots, body shots, whatever and I am thankful that I still think this all looks AWESOMELY FUN. I say "thankful," because the other day in the car I found myself shaking my head in concern over these kids today while listening to an NPR report on this new dance craze called "freaking." And when you find yourself doing that? Might as well break out the bedazzled holiday sweaters.

Smash knocks on Shady Grady's motel room door to ask him if he's going to make the list. Shady Grady tells Smash that he's worried about his "strength and Size" and so he should work on lifting and conditioning. Smash asks again about the list. Shady Grady tells him it comes out in January. Perfect! Plenty of time to juice up then!

Back at the Anti-Homecoming, more shots, more "freaking." Tyra works "the door," which in a West Texas bonfire means waves cars through after they pay admission. Cut over to Julie, who's found Matt Saracen sitting on the hood of a car. She asks if this is "the safe zone." Aw, good girl. Julie's hair is CRIMPED, and I die from cuteness. Julie tries to make small talk about the game, but Matt just busts out with it: "Will you go on a date with me?" When she pauses, Matt rushes to prevent further embarrassment: "Maybe. Or not. It's's probably a bad idea." We're left hanging on Julie's answer.

Smash waits outside the B&B gym in his car looking conflicted and IN NEED OF THE JUICE.

Early morning out at the bonfire. There are kids passed out on hay bales, the ground, wherever. Billy wakes up cheek-to-jowl with the windshield of the car. Ugh. I can smell the alcohol wafting from his pores through my television. He stumbles over to find Tyra in the RV Party Command Center, counting money. He asks how they did, and she finishes counting: "$4,680." Billy's hangover probably just gets a lot better at that news. He asks her how he knows she wasn't skimming money from working the door. She looks at him askance, "Same way I know you'll share those tips you made working the bar: Trust." At this he starts taking wads of cash out of his pants pockets, his shirt pocket and throwing them onto the table for her to count. She starts chuckling with glee.

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Friday Night Lights




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