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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

A little later in the evening, everyone is now line dancing to some terrible country pop. Including Buddy and his daughter Lyla. Gross. Also including Matt Saracen, who is dancing like my husband with his arms clenched tight to his body, his hands in fists, doing strange little white-man pumps. Awesome. Cut over to Lucas Mize walking up to Smash and introducing himself. The Taylors are with him, and Lucas asks if Smash came up with that nickname himself. Smash quickly responds, "Well, 'Maneater' was taken. What was that, The Carpenters or something?" That's some sneak attack cleverness right there. It was Hall and Oates but, still, the point stands: "OLD." Lucas doesn't seem to appreciate wit and just steamrolls over the comment, telling tales about how Coach Taylor used to drive from Macedonia to coach Lucas in private back in the day. Coach doesn't take well to buttering, and replies "Well, I needed the money." Tami jumps in and asks Lucas how he's been, and he replies that he's doing great, that he's got an insurance agency in Dallas and that everything is great. But when Tami asks for a card to give to her sister in Dallas, he stutters that he's already given them all out and then quickly changes the subject back to Smash. Shady.

Coach Taylor doles out praise in tiny bits, telling Lucas that Smash is a great running back, but only when he listens, which he rarely does. Lucas commiserates with Smash over all the pressure of homecoming what with all the alumni, and Grady Hunt, too. Smash is like "Grady huh?" and Lucas tells Smash to come with him. Taylor looks vaguely annoyed, but that is his resting look, I guess.

Lucas tells Smash as they walk that Grady Hunt has been scouting high school football forever, that he knows all the recruiters, and that if you make his Top 100 list, you are "good to go." They find Shady Grady, and Smash doesn't even introduce himself before launching into his stats, "I can benchpress blah, run a blah blah blah in pads, my vert is blah." Shady Grady jokes to Lucas, "I'm a little worried about his confidence," but Smash isn't there to slap any asses: "Look, no disrespect, but if you got a list, I don't just wanna be on it, I wanna be number one." Shady Grady tells him to play as good as he talks, that he'll be watching him. They shake hands and the camera close-ups on Smash's uber-serious face.

Uninspiring credits. Commercials. In the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility, Street and Corey (a.k.a.,Quadruple Amputee Doesn't Let Life Slow Him Down) sit around a table having some snacks. Corey is trying to tell Street about a bad date he had, but Street is clearly zoned out. Corey is like "I'm trying to confide in you, bro! Just because I have stumps, do I not bleed?" Heh. Street apologizes and says, "Okay, so you took her to Chinese" and Cory is frustrated, "I took her to sushi, man." Just then Coach Taylor walks in. Street introduces him to Corey, Taylor reaches out to shake his stump, and Corey apologizes for having potato chips all over his arm. Taylor apologizes but asks Corey if he can have a minute with Street, at which point Corey, as usual, gracefully exits the scene.

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