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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Taylor sits down and makes small jokes with Street about the homecoming rally, telling Street that Pudnick tossed up his nachos from all the line dancing. Street laughs and leans forward to sip on his straw. Taylor gets to the point and asks Street to come to the game on Friday. Scott Porter is GUNNING for an Emmy. He must have called up Charlize to get advice because dude looks pastier and less hunky as each episode goes on and it is just very convincing. Street clams up when Taylor makes the suggestion, clearly pained by the thought of it. He asks if people really want him there. Taylor quietly affirms that everyone does. Street stays quiet so Taylor just asks him to think about it.

Well, I guess one way to shock you out of the Depressingly Realistic Rehab Facility is to cut on over to a strip club. Where Billy Riggins and high school student Tyra Collette are hanging out at the bar talking about how some of Billy's friends in Abilene threw a huge party and made a lot of money from it. Just then, a woman shoehorns herself into the scene, walking over from about twenty feet away, greeting her "baby sis" and then telling Billy his party planning idea is dumb. Because everybody knows that in a strip club it's quite easy to eavesdrop on other people's conversations. Billy makes a disparaging comment about Ole Sis's small brain and big...ahem. Ole Sis does this really weird flick of the head and glance to the side and for a minute she looks for all the world like Cheri Oteri's Rita DelVecchio character, which just can't be a good thing. ["Heh. 'See this g-string? I keep it now!'" -- Joe R] She reminds Michael Alig and James St. James here that everybody is going to be at the homecoming dance; Tyra gets a glint in her eye: "It'll be the anti-homecoming." Confirming that whatever "it" is, Tyra is against it. Ole Sis gathers up her sister, who she acknowledges is too young to be in the strip club, and they leave. Ah, Texas family values. As they leave, Billy dorkily calls after them, "Hey, clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!" Tyra rolls her eyes along with me.

Back at the Playgirl Ranch, Billy comes home with a six pack and tells his little brother that Tyra is "one tall drink of water." Gross, dude. He tosses Tim a beer, but Tim tells him that he quit. Billy laughs in a fat-faced buck-tooth manner that is eerily reminiscent of Buddy "Carb Face" Garrity. It's a mean laugh, but then again Tim is being rather prissy.

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