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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

We cut over to the Suddenly Spa-tastic Rehab Facility, where Lyla supports Jason as they sort of float around a pool. Her babytalk doesn't distract Jason from the horns growing out of his forehead, and he slyly asks if she's been seeing Tim a lot lately. She lies that she hasn't, then pauses before laying it on pretty thick: "I'm so proud of you baby. Phil says you're the best patient he's ever had." Jason jokes that Phil told him to put wax in his hair the other day. Which is quite quaint, really, as hair wax is such a late 90s product. Lyla asks Jason, who has his head reclined back on her shoulder, if his neck hurts; he responds, heartbreakingly, "Like I'd tell you if it did?" This boy is either going to be president or a serial killer.

Landry and Matt drive around playing word games again. Matt asks his friend to stop talking about Julie to him. Landry tells him "It's what I do. I pry, I prod, I wheedle. And sometimes when I get crazy, I cajole." I love old-timey verbs. I love Landry. Landry tells Matt that he just needs to ask Julie out on a date, and tells him he needs to get "the eye of the tiger. Boom, baby!"

And we cut to football practice where some boys are taking that "boom baby!" instruction in a different way. Lots of football stuff happens. (God knows these practice scenes really help a recapper out). Lucas and Shady Grady look on as Smash takes the ball and runs it to the end zone. On his way back, he talks some trash to his teammates, telling them they'll never catch him. Some extra tells Smash he's wrong, and so sets Smash up for some Thrilla in Manilla-type free association: "Hey, don't hate, accelerate."

Taylor calls the boys in to a huddle to talk about Friday's game. "Twang twang twang, man in motion, twang, run and shoot, twang twang." Taylor tells the boys they need to do more than just contain the other team's offense, he expects them to shut it down. He's about to let them go for the day when Smash asks him to hold up: "Hey, Hall and Oates, let see if you got any magic left." Nice follow-up there, kid, sniffing out the joke that needs to be made.

Lucas, accompanied by some bad bar band guitars, strips down to a wife beater and starts throwing the ball. He connects every time to the sounds of the kids oohing and ahhing. Finally, it's Smash's turn, and he wonders whether Lucas can get it done without his theme music. He goes deep and Lucas does get it done, but only with a little help from Smash as he seems to have overthrown a tad. Mac and Shady Grady look on; the latter mutters something about Smash's good hands, and Mac decides to make a bid for Grossest Man in Dillon by responding, "Soft as a Tijuana hooker's."

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Friday Night Lights




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