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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Beautiful shot of a desolate spot outside town. The wind blows dust this way and that. Tyra asks Billy what he thinks about the spot. I wish while she were at it she'd ask him how he feels about how much shorter he is than her. Billy thinks it's too far out in the middle of nowhere and that nobody will come. Tyra thinks it being in the middle of nowhere makes it perfect for their party and then adds that she just talked to her sister who confirmed that she and her associates will be at the party. Tyra explains, "Every good party needs a hostess. We got ten of 'em. Ten strippers to be exact." Tyra's leaning back on the hood of her pick-up truck, and damn is she hot. Billy loosens up a bit, "I think they prefer the term 'exotic dancers'."

Just in case you were grinning and enjoying the white trashy hotness of it all, we cut to a close-up shot of a hand with some sort of brace through which a plastic fork has been hooked. Suddenly Spa-tastic No More. Back to Depressingly Realistic, and even I'm wondering why they can't get the kid a metal fork for his lunch. Anyhow, Street is having lunch with his parents. He tells them that Coach suggested he come to the game. His dad is immediately and aggressively pro this option; his mother tells him that it seems too soon (and here lets slip a detail that makes no sense continuity-wise; that it's supposedly been two months since he broke his spine). The Streets start arguing in front of a tremendously hamster-cheeked Scott Porter. Mrs. Street isn't sure about the whole "trotting him out in front of 15,000 people" part, which, coming out of her mouth, sounds a bit like she is embarrassed about her disabled son. Jason tells them to stop fighting, that he'll decide himself.

In the weight room, Tim Riggins is really going for it on the Sit and Reach. (He's not really doing the Sit and Reach, I just love talking about the Sit and Reach and how the President makes you do such a pervy sounding exercise). Mac walks in and announces that Shady Grady wants Smash to call him. The whole weight room erupts in hilarious WHOOing. Tim Riggins tells Smash to "pucker up," and Smash does some of his big smiling, talking big about how he'll bring them all back a Longhorns t-shirt. Tim Riggins, exhausted from whatever it was he was doing, leans with his head forward while giving Smash a "You da man" finger wag, and I guess they really have just totally dropped the Smash/Riggins hatred?

Taylor and Lucas sit at a table in a family-style rib joint. Taylor asks him how he ended up in Dallas, and Lucas keeps up appearances for about two seconds before confessing that he's up shit's creek. I have to confess that this actor, Chad Brannon, just happens to have a sort of look that I really hate on a man; a sort of Irish, square-jawed, freckle-spotted, round-eyed, baby face. In my experience, men who look like this are always insipid. Which I think is exactly what this character is meant to be. So, kudos on the casting.

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