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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Lucas tells Taylor that he blew out his knee sophomore year, which wasn't even that big of a deal since he wasn't playing much anyhow. He met a girl, lost focus on football, lost his scholarship and never even graduated. He's basically back in Dillon to ask for a job helping out with the Panthers. Kyle Chandler is, as we have come to expect, nailing this scene. Coach Taylor is obviously slightly repulsed by Lucas's neediness, especially since he isn't a kid anymore. But, always the advocate, Taylor promises Lucas that he'll look into it. But his hesitation and darting eyes reveal how precarious he feels his own position at the helm of the team is. It's a really complicated social moment, and it gets delivered.

Commercials. Taylor household. Morning. Tami walks out in the cutest sleep t-shirt I've ever seen, accessorized by the most luscious bedhead I've ever seen. This woman. Sheesh. She asks her husband how the dinner went last night, and he tells her what Lucas asked him for, adding also that Lucas "has a four year old he's only seen once, or never seen, I'm not sure which." Tami pours herself coffee and looks shocked, declaring this "The most depressing thing I've ever heard." Coach's hair is like "It is TOO EARLY for this" as he complains to his wife that he doesn't know why Lucas is coming to him, that he tutored him "for one season, six years ago." Tami hits the nail on the head as she further declares that the fault is the town's; that the town makes these teenagers into idols and then when they go out into the world they "fall flat on their faces." She trills, as she sips her coffee contentedly, "It's a shame!"

Street and Herc are in their own weightroom, this one far less full of bravado and also rather lacking in the African-American Sonic Forcefield, as well. Herc is telling him the story about Jake Nevin, a trainer for the Villanova basketball team who had Lou Gehrig's disease. When Herc is surprised that Street never heard of the guy, Street retorts, "You gotta remember, I wasn't even born in 1985." Knives. Through my heart. Herc continues, saying that the team used to roll Nevin onto the court and then rub his head for good luck. Herc declares this "sick, bro." Jason "False Consciousness" Street looks confused; he thinks it sounds fine. Herc wonders why anyone would want to get turned into "a pathetic mascot." Jason stands his ground, muttering that he would be proud. Got a lot to learn, this kid.

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