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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Jason's phone rings, and he asks Herc to hand it to him. Herc sees it's Lyla calling, and Jason says that it's okay to let it go, then. Herc wonders what Jason did wrong. Jason tightly says he didn't do anything. "Ah, so Little Miss Perfect's the one in the doghouse." Herc cajoles Street into confessing that he thinks that Lyla is sleeping with his best friend. Herc is shocked, but nicely enough does not remind Jason of his little speech about the various ways Jason's life will go to shit over the next few years, which is turning out to be right on the money in more ways than one. He instead tells Jason that he's changed his mind; that he now thinks Jason has to go to the game to look that son of a bitch in the eye and find out the truth.

At the Playgirl Ranch, Billy walks around being short while Tyra sits on a chair trying to hide being tall. They're talking about golf, which Tyra says bores her. Billy is apparently talking about his almost-pro golf career, "If it hadn't a been for September 11, I would've gotten my card." Tyra teases him, "So, what, it's the terrorists' fault?" They laugh. Billy explains, they cancelled some tournament that year right when he was on a roll; then at Christmas, their father left, and he had to take care of Tim. Tyra asks about their mom, and Billy exposits that she spent all her time sitting on the back porch, drinking bourbon and coke, and smoking. Tyra looks serious and Billy apologizes for whining. She says that's not it; "it's just, I learn more about the Riggins family in two minutes sittin' with you than I did in a whole year dating Tim." She looks wistful: "He doesn't talk much," with which Billy agrees. Aw, Tyra is still hung up.

Shady Grady is making a house call at the Williamses'. Smash is showing him the letters he has from all the big football colleges. Shady Grady breaks it to him "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but any kid who can run twenty yards without falling down gets one of those." He tells Smash he needs to get serious, treat football like a job. Smash interrupts him to tell Shady Grady about his plan, which is less a "plan" and more "fairy dust up the ass." He's going to get a scholarship, go pro, buy his mother a huge house, give one sister an Escalade, and the other a pony. Um, okay. Shady Grady says they have to wait and see about his size and strength, and Smash interrupts him again, telling him not to worry about his size, that people have said he was too small since J.V., but he's started ever since. He says it isn't size that matters but heart. Shady Grady decides to leave the boy to his delusions: "I reckon that's what this game is for." That and also for lining the pockets of a bunch of fat, white men.

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Friday Night Lights




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