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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Alamo Freeze. Julie and a friend walk up, Julie complaining about Homecoming, "I mean, so, what? You graduated. You're fat and old." Heh. Matt and Landry are eating in Landry's car, watching Julie. Landry tells his friend to "go forth and multiply." Fangirls everywhere squee.

We cut, with the help of some rap-rock, over to a pair of slim legs running. I honestly thought this was another Lyla-Out-For-Run-That-Turns-To-Sex scene opener, until the camera pans up and we see that the beautifully shapely Lady Legs belong to none other than Tim Riggins.

Tyra and Billy are obviously tipsy, giggling a little too overzealously at the plain fliers she made for the party. Tim walks in, all sweaty from his run, which apparently took two hours because it was full daylight in the scene just prior and is now nighttime. Billy announces "the new and improved Tim Riggins, clean and sober for 24 hours." Tim disgustedly asks Tyra what she's doing there and then pointedly tells Billy that "Nan from the office called." Billy is pissed: "I took a sick day, Tim," and Tyra explains that they're planning a party. Tim, however, apparently took so long because he was practicing standing in a glass house chucking some stones around. He continues judging Billy and Tyra, who are, gasp, having a few beers and joking around. The horror! Tyra asks Tim when he quit drinking, but Tim ignores her question and walks off.

Lyla is laying in bed curled up with the phone, (baby)talking to Jason. He wonders about coming to the game. She thinks he should, but he says he doesn't know if he's ready to be the center of attention. She says he should be used to that, but he seems to have become slightly enlightened since talking with Herc: "Yeah for football, not for being hurt. It's like 'Hey everybody come look at the freak show. Don't feed the animals'." Lyla tells him that people just want to see him. Jason takes a break to joke around with her: "What are you wearing? Kermit or Miss Piggy?" Lyla melts my cold heart by exclaiming "Oh my god! That's eighth grade, you dork!" In the end, Jason decides to come to the game, and Lyla smiles into the phone, and then we all go take our insulin shots.

Commercials. Taylor is working out plays with his assistant coaches when Lucas stops by to get the news that there isn't a job for him. Nice setting, with those four guys sitting in the other room all having the job he wants. Lucas acts the jerk to Taylor, "Did you even ask?" and Taylor stutters about tight budgets and how it's the middle of the season. He tells Lucas he'll keep his ears open about openings at other schools and help him out any way that he can't, but there just isn't work for him with the Panthers. Lucas brats out of the room.

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