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Jason catches Coach Taylor before he leaves. He hands Eric a box of his tapes, a donation to the team. Eric asks if this means Jason is quitting the team, and Jason says yes. He explains that he needs to find a new way to be, and that he thought the team would help him do that, but it hasn't. He apologizes for letting Eric down (tears) and then tells his mentor that this is just something he needs to do. Eric looks at Jason intently and tells him that coaches and players learn from each other, that it goes both ways. He pauses and then reduces me to a blubbering mess by telling Jason, "You lift up everyone around you," and then, "I hope I didn't let you down." Wow. Wow wow wow. Eric tells Jason that he'll hold onto the tapes until Jason comes and picks them up. Which, if you'll allow me for a minute, is exactly the most beautiful thing he could do for Jason. He's not all "fly free little bird!" and he's not all "well, now, wait a minute, let's think this through." He gives the teen just enough freedom mixed with just enough responsibility to the community he is a part of. Sigh. Also, please note the continuity of this scene with one from the show's second episode, when Coach Taylor goes to visit Street in the hospital, and the boy apologizes for letting him down. Tears! Retrospective tears!

Landry follows his father out into the desert, cryin' and drivin'. They end up in some weird mined-out valley that is strewn with junk and Landry's father sets the car on fire while saying "Dear God forgive us." So, either this storyline is going to continue when the police find this new evidence, or it is, however improbably, over.

The less said about this next scene the better. Turns out Coach's "gravy train" Athletic Director position is less "gravy train" and more "beset by crazy Title IX bitches." The girls' soccer coach comes marching into Coach's office demanding new soccer balls to replace the deflated one she has in her hand. She observes, rightly, that the football team probably doesn't have any trouble with getting the equipment they need.

At the Taylors', Shelley comes home to find Tami alone, folding laundry. Shelley has come bearing wine but Tami tells her she can't have any because she's nursing. HOLD ON JUST A DADGUM MINUTE HERE. You can't drink a glass of wine when nursing? Since when? Shelley has lots of suggestions for Tami, telling her to just drink a lot of wine, eat foods with B9, and then wait a few hours before nursing. Tami is tired of her sister's been there/done that Mountain Dew attitude, muttering that it's funny how Shelley knows so much without ever having had a baby. Shelley fires back, "Just a little thing called reading. You do it much?" Oh, below the belt, lady. She wonders, when Tami says she reads when she has time, if what she reads is "the Dillon Gazette and those baby books." Tami wants to know what her point is, and Shelley tells her sister that just because she lives in Dillon doesn't mean she has to stop thinking. Tami says she hadn't realized she'd stopped thinking. Now it's on. Tami ramps up real quick, telling her sister that she doesn't need a lecture, that she doesn't have time because "you know what? I'm cookin', I'm workin', and I'm breastfeeding." God, I don't have time and all I'm doing is sitting on the couch. Shelley comes and sits next to her sister when she sees she's pushed the post-partum lady over the edge. Tami continues riding the rollercoaster, she's over the anger hump and now in the weepy loop-de-loop: "And it may have just occurred to me that now I have sixteen plus more years of child rearing and then she's just gonna turn into Julie and be mean to me. And I'm gonna be in a walker." The sisters apologize, and Tami takes a much needed sip of wine. Shelley says she's sorry she said anything and that she's probably just "compensating for my lonely and pathetic life." To which Tami responds that her life is pretty lonely and pathetic. Shelley chuckles and calls her sister an ass; Tami replies with the same and they both say, "I hate you." Now that's some family values!

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