Friday Night Lights

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Same As It Ever Was

Football field. Tim Riggins is hanging out, having a beer, and watching Santiago do everything wrong. Specifically keeping his head up while hitting, which as we've seen does not turn out well. Tim asks Santiago if he is "in any way, shape, or form trying to screw Lyla Garrity?" Santiago answers that Lyla is just his friend, and Tim decides to give him some pointers. Tim talks a lot about "purpose" and Santiago takes it to heart. Smash and Matt walk by and offer to run through some plays with him. It's a regular old violent male bonding ritual when Coach comes upon the kids playing around. He looks on with approval until moving along, calling out some pointers to Santiago to keep his legs moving. Santiago is shocked that Coach is deigning to speak to him and even more shocked when Eric invites him to come to practice tomorrow. Tim calls after Coach, asking if he's showing him something yet. Coach says, "Oh, yeah," but then tells Tim that he's not even close to back on the team again. We end on a long shot of the boys having fun under the lights, an enormous jet plane flying through the air just beyond. Can't you just Photoshop that shit out?

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Friday Night Lights




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