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Same As It Ever Was

The "Hog Wild" sale at Garrity motors. Eric approaches Buddy, who's working the crowd. Eric is ka-rank-key. Buddy doesn't register this and tells Eric to "check this out, I think I found our new center fullback." He crows into a bullhorn for everyone to give a hand to "Mr. Santiago Herrera." And this is the part I am not okay with. Santiago -- Lyla's Mexican Project -- hops into a makeshift ring and chases a pig around, to the great delight of all the white people looking on. It's completely abjecting. Do I need to say this again? Not okay with this particular leisure activity.

Cut inside to Buddy's office where Eric is demanding to know how after winning a state championship, his salary got reduced by 40%. Buddy nickel and dimes him -- "it's 37%" -- and then explains that the booster funds are depleted and insolvent after they had to pay MacGregor off. He smarmily promises to "do everything [he] can" for Eric, who just gets up and spits "Fix it. Fix it."

Credits. Locker room. The team files out to practice as Timmy saunters in, all smiles and warm greetings for everyone. He approaches his locker, opens it, and finds that it's been emptied. Out on the field, Tim approaches Eric, who tells him that he missed a week of practice. Tim asks if "that's it, then?" Eric stops and turns on a dime and tells the beautiful delinquent that they've been down this road before, too many times. Tim declares that he deserves another chance; Eric is short with him and tells him to get off his field. Meanwhile, we've been cutting to Smash's concerned face as the team captain leads the warm-up.

Tami's office. Tami is going over a list with Glen. She says that he's left her quite the list of things to take care of, and then wonders why Susie Miller is on the list, since she's a straight-A student. Glen informs her that there have been complaints about her hygiene, and that he can confirm these complaints because he's passed her in the hallway. Tami, her voice dripping in sugar, tells Glen that he is just so sweet to leave her with such a case. Cut to Eric threading his way through the crowded waiting room outside Tami's office. Glen stands up and introduces himself to Eric, whose response to Glen proves that Eric was definitely popular in high school. He looks at the nerdy Glen as if thinking, "So your kind do exist here in Dillon?" Eric asks Glen to leave so he can speak to Tami, and Tami and Glen go through a protracted farewell, Tami thanking Glen for his work, Glen inching backwards and mentioning meeting "in the lounge for lunch." When Glen's gone, Coach mutters to his wife, "Meet in the lounge? What're you doing meeting in the lounge?" Tami is elated that Coach is a little bit jealous. He just came by to tell her that he talked to Buddy, and then tells her that she really needs to get moving seeing the hordes of kids waiting to see her. Tami, the coquette, shrugs a shoulder and suggests her husband get Glen to come back to help her do some co-counseling. Eric is unamused.

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Friday Night Lights




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