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At the Taylors' Shelley yells back to Julie to hurry up. Julie walks out modeling a truly scandalous scarf top. Like, literally, it is a scarf wrapped around her back and twist-tied in front of her boobs. Shelly loves it. Eric comes home at the exact wrong moment and is nearly speechless at his daughter's appearance. He wants to know what she's wearing and Shelley tells everyone that it's what "everyone in Brazil is wearing." Julie sort of echoes her words and Tami just tells her daughter to go change. Shelley tells Julie to sit down and write a thank-you note to her grandmother for her boobs. I should do the same, except in my case it would be less "thank you" and more "you owe me, lady." Tami tells Julie to go change again and Shelly turns on Tami: "Oh my god, YOU? Summer of 1986? In your string bikini and your butt hanging out your dolphin shorts?" Oh, so it was Tami Taylor that Don Henley was singing about? Heh. Don Henley. Is he in the Girls' Bike Club?

Eric offers Shelly a hundred dollars if she'll just shut up, and she tells him she'd gladly accept...if he had a hundred dollars to give her. Oooh, burn! She turns her attention back to Julie and asks if her niece is taking Spanish. When Julie says yes, Shelly tells her she'll need it when they go to Costa Rica. Yes, they'll speak so much Spanish because Costa Rica is not overrun with Americans at all. Julie gets wide-eyed and Shelley explains that she and Tami were supposed to go together before Tami got knocked up. A somewhat twisted approach, but I'd say effective in teen pregnancy deterrence, the "No Spring Break Woooo! For You" lesson. Shelley tells Tami that Grace is worth a thousand trips to Costa Rica, and Tami just fixes her with her eyes: "I know." Then Shelley says she has a consolation prize for Tami: The Dixie Chicks. Is it weird that I winced a little bit in fear when she said "consolation prize" and "The Dixie Chicks" in the same sentence? Because I sort of think The Dixie Chicks are so hardcore that they might bust through the door (naked, epithets scrawled all over their bodies) and kick Shelley's ass? Anyhow, Shelley wants to take Tami to see them on Wednesday night. Tami loves The Dixie Chicks, but as Eric reminds her by shouting from the other room, he's got a booster meeting on Wednesday night. Tami tells her sister there's no way she can go. Shelley wonders what the big deal is with going to a concert on Wednesday night. Tami is shaking the shit out of some salad in a colander as she tells her sister, in a more and more uptight manner, that there's no way she can go. Julie pipes up to say she'd like to go, and Tami tells her daughter to go change. Again. Which Julie ignores. Again. Julie and Shelley bend over a table looking at pictures from Shelley's latest adventure, Shelley murmuring about how the beach was deserted and you could see for miles while Tami continues taking her frustrations out on a pile of iceberg.

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Friday Night Lights




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