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Same As It Ever Was

Rainy day. Jason opens his door to find Coach Taylor standing there. They makes some small talk before Eric asks Jason if he's still coaching. Jason says he doesn't know, and Eric asks him to come back to the team. Eric tells Jason that he needs someone he can trust, and Jason is, as always, the good soldier.

School hallway. Landry watches Tyra leaning against the cinder block wall laughing at a bunch of inane nonsense some boy is delivering. There's something about working out 24/7, about how he used to be skinny, but now he eats right. Tyra is just laughing and laughing. Landry is not.

Tim Riggins is lying on his couch, snoozing, beer in hand. I don't know why everyone is giving this kid such a hard time; he's just sort of fast-forwarding himself to age 72. Lyla knocks and then just walks in. She tells him to rise and shine, "it's 3:00 PM." Tim peels a textbook off his chest and asks Lyla if she knows anything about organic and biological compounds. Lyla prisses that she's not doing his homework for him and then says she's there about Santiago. Tim asks, ingenuously, if he's "that hogcatcher" and when Lyla reminds him that he's trying out for the football team, shows that he knows exactly who Santiago is by saying that he heard he's "crap." Lyla says that's exactly why she thought Tim might help Santiago out. Tim wonders why he'd help someone get on the football team when he just got kicked off. Lyla screws up that brow of hers and says sarcastically, "Well, gee? Why would any human help another?" Lyla is like the most sarcastic Christian ever. I sort of love it. She continues, fake hypothetically, "Why would someone drop everything and go to Mexico just because someone called and asked for help?" Tim thinks that was different because it was "life or death." Lyla is disgusted that he won't do this favor for him and walks out.

Buddy and some other guy who seems more officially connected with the school tells Eric they've come up with a "creative solution" to his paycheck trouble. This creative solution involves Eric taking on another job, Athletic Director. Buddy and this guy try to spin this, telling him that the title will look great on a resume but that it's a "gravy train paycheck." Eric is suspicious but tempted. He wonders how much the job pays, and the Other Guy tells him that this new position is budgeted as a part time; but combined with what he's making now, he'll be within spitting distance of his salary last year. This is a royal fuck-over. Taking on an extra job and still not even making as much as he was last year? Eric seems to realize what is going on when he asks incredulously, "spitting distance?" and Buddy swears to him that the situation is temporary. And now there's a paragraph about high school budgetary constraints. Way to attract the new audiences, FNL!

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