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Now, back to the boobs. I hope folks didn't turn the channel during that Book TV boring scene! Tim and Billy sit in Tami's office waiting for her. Her breast pump is out on a side table, and Tim cannot for the life of him figure out what the contraption is. Billy explains, worldly man that he is. Well maybe "wordly" isn't the right word, given that he probably gained this knowledge while "supporting" a new mother's needs while her babydaddy was working the night shift. Tim is like, "What? Are you serious?" and grabs one of the cups to investigate. Billy tells his little brother that it "squeezes milk out of a lady's udders." Ladies and gentlemen, The Riggins Boys! Billy starts to demonstrate to his brother how it would work; Tim asks if there's a motor, and Billy starts reaching down to pull the motor part out to show Tim. Tami walks in and gracefully takes the breast pump from the boys and tells them that it isn't a toy. She sits down and for some reason her white button down shirt is quite unbuttoned, even though the breast pump was in her office. Glen?

Tami doesn't miss a beat as she buttons up her shirt and starts interrogating the boys. Billy apologizes to Tami for Tim's absence and tells her that he's been trying to get Tim to be more considerate. Tim interjects that that's a real nice piece of advice coming from someone who's banging his ex-girlfriend. Tami jumps in to tell them to focus and then gets tough, telling Timmy that on his "little sojourn" he missed a bunch of tests and a term paper. Tim tells her that he doesn't even know what "sojourn" means. Tami responds that a sojourn is what is going to keep him back a year if he doesn't get his act together. Billy tells Tami that he's going to be squeezing Timmy's testicles until he's bleeding term papers. You learn something new every day. I didn't know that was even possible! Billy then tells Tami that he really just needs to get Tim back on the team. Tami visibly shuts down and tells Billy that if he wants to talk football he can walk over to Eric's office and do just that. Billy gets up and tells Tim to follow; Tami calls after him "Wait a minute, I'm not finished!"

At the police station, an officer congratulates Landry's dad, "Like father like son, huh Chad?" Chad? Really? Landry's dad smiles, but says he doesn't want Landry to get a big head. I think this guy is taking the whole modesty thing a bit too far. A detective has been brought in from Midland to help with the murder case and he tells Landry's dad that the case was nearly dead until they found some car seat fibers on the victim. The fibers come from a GM car, made between '74 and '78. There's probably about twenty of those cars in Dillon alone. Chad keeps it cool but those one-in-twenty odds are not sitting well with him. Cut to Landry driving his Murder Mobile, just in case you forgot it was a GM car, apparently from the '70s. You know, in case you have simply erased the presence of this storyline from your memory at the end of each week's episode.

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