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Football practice. Jason is doing his positive critique shtick ("stay high and inside!") and even he realizes that it's all getting pretty old. Treading water is especially tiring when you're in a wheelchair. After those first three or four heartbreaking episodes, Jason Street has really been a difficult character to manage. Practice continues, Smash getting smashed without anyone decent doing the blocking for him.

Coach is on the phone, exasperated about some equipment invoice problem. Wow, show, budgetary constraints and invoices in one episode? I feel I've died and woken up in Ben Stein's classroom. Smash walks in full of purpose to tell Coach that he's getting his ass handed to him without Riggins. Smash says that he needs Riggins and asks if proving the point is worth throwing the season away. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Eric interrupts him, pissed that he'd suggest any seasons are getting thrown away. He tells Smash that his blocking will get taken care and then shouts at the kid to go to class. Without any children, I have entirely too little shouting in my world. I mean, obviously it denotes stress and that's not good, but it seems like it'd be kind of awesome to be able to shout at someone the way Coach just shouted at Smash.

The Playgirl Ranch, Tim grabs a dirty mixing bowl out of the sink and grabs a box of cereal from the cupboard. Beautiful. Smash knocks and comes in. He jokes about the mess in the house and then invites Riggins to dinner at his house that night. Tim: "Are you asking me on a date, Williams?" Smash tells him to cram it and then says that he needs to talk to him about how Tim's drunk, selfish ass is ruining the team. Smash instructs Tim to show up at 7PM, "be on time for once." Yes! Smash! Where've you been! Also, where has this Smash/Riggins storyline been? Besides in my dreams?

Alamo Freeze. Julie comes in and tells Matt that she doesn't want to order anything, she just wants to say something to him. She tells him that he was right and she was wrong and that she wants to apologize for everything and is sorry that she hurt him. She hopes that he can forgive her and maybe they can be friends or something. Okay, that scene was so great on second viewing. On first viewing, it was touching and all that jazz, but on the second time around, I realized how perfectly vague and unspecific everything Julie says is. Teens! You break my heart!

Lyla's church. Lyla approaches the Reverend who creepily greets her by saying, "I'm proud of you Lyla." Like, just in general? Proud that she can wear such revealing clothes and yet still keep her parts for the Lord? Proud that she has perfected the brow furrow? Jason wheels in and finds her there. They chat, and Lyla says she's looking forward to his birthday party later that night. Jason snarks that his mom invited everyone he's ever said hello to in his life. Then he cuts the small talk and gets right to the Nietzsche. He wonders if she's noticed how nobody ever changes in Dillon, how they're all just stuck there, like they're in a big fish tank. He confesses to her that he's stuck, he's stuck. She pauses and then starts to say "Well, there's a way..." but Jason jumps in and says "No, no, no! I'm not here for saving." He continues, telling her that he's asking her because she's the only person he knows that's really changed her life, and that he admires her for it. He asks how she did it, and Lyla, head cocked to the side, replies, "You just do it." Wow, that was a really sweet scene. These two have such a believable relationship. They just seem honest with one another.

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