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At the Williams' house, Smash lectures Tim that Coach just needs to see Tim take it up a notch. Tim says he's said his part to Coach and he doesn't know what else to do. Corinna (!!) asks Tim if he wants pie, and Tim plasters a big grin on his face and says yes he would very much like some pie. Smash tells Tim he doesn't like the way Tim's flirting with his momma, and Corinna quickly exclaims "Brian! What is wrong with you?" The Williams sisters tell their brother that Tim is just being polite. Tim secretly makes three more notches on his "Ladies I Have Charmed" scorecard. Smash decides to break it down for Tim. "We a lot different, you and me. Me? I'm the Smash, I'm primetime, 24/7. You? You're that broodin', rough, whatever. Look, point is, neither of us can be who we are without football. It's the keys to the ignition." HOT AND FRESH OUT THE KITCHEN, Smash just articulated the thesis of this television show. ["It's a better thesis than 'It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun.' ...I guess." -- Joe R]

Landry drives his Murder Mobile into the garage accompanied by a weirdly Friday the 13th instrumental. Last year, I would have shrugged it off as just a strange choice, but this year? I'm suffering from Post-Traumatic Plot Disorder and cower in fear that they might actually try to work a hockey mask in here. He gets out of the car; his father is lurking in the dark. Chad cuts right to the chase, telling his son that they aren't going inside. He narrates what they've put together about the murder -- that the guy was killed or injured at the convenience store and driven to the river. Landry plays dumb. His father continues, saying that the water and the fish did away with any foreign DNA that could point to the killers. Glenn Morshawer is bringing this scene. His voice rises slowly but perceptibly as he recites the increasingly desperate facts to his son. He declares as he moves toward the car that the coroner found fibers that come from GMC wagons just like this one. Landry stutters and backpedals until his father interrupts, "Landry, if you had something to do with this, you have got to tell me. Better tell me than wait for them to drag you in." Landry blinks and shakes his head while his father says that now is the time to trust him. Shaking his head and muttering, Landry confesses, "I didn't mean to do it, Dad, I didn't mean to, it just happened." As sure as he was before, his father is stunned. "Oh god, oh god" as he embraces his son. But Chad is no wallower, so the embrace is fleeting. He tells Landry to get in the car and follow him. Landry obeys. Jesus. This is not going to turn out well.

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Friday Night Lights




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