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Same As It Ever Was

Most depressing party ever (spoiler!). It's Jason's birthday party, and they are all sitting in front of the television watching game tapes of Jason playing football before his injury. I mean, what the fuck, right? In the background, Julie sulks in Matt's general direction while Matt flirts with Lauren. Coach catches a glimpse of the TV and says, "Here it is," while we see a lithe #6 -- Jason -- run the ball through a pocket and into the endzone. Jason's father exclaims, "Watch his wheels here." YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Buddy then decides now would be a good time to say, "Coulda been a dynasty, kid, then Lyla'd be rich." WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Lyla exclaims "Dad!" but Jason says it's okay, that Buddy's right. He platitudes, "You can have it all, but not at the same time. Take the memories where you can, right Riggs?" And now, we've once again entered Lars Von Trier land, where cruel town elders point and laugh at a young man's paralyzed legs while the young man makes veiled references to the Mexican threesome he just had with a drunk and a nun last weekend. Tim raises his glass to Jason and everyone follows suit.

Lauren and Matt sit in her car outside the party while Lauren goes on and on about the pains in her heart that she felt when she broke up with her old boyfriend. Matt looks seriously bored. And her voice does have a buzzing chainsaw quality to it. But then he remembers that he's a seventeen year old boy and starts to participate in the conversation. They cute around each other trying to figure out what the best word is to describe the pain she felt in her heart. Was it inflicted by a knife? No, she says, a shiv. "A shiv?" Matt inquires, and then suggests "a shank?" She likes "shank," and Matt just grabs her and kisses her. She pulls away and Matt immediately starts apologizing before she leans in and makes the make-out official.

Meanwhile, Julie is leaving the party and calls after Tyra, asking her for a ride. Oh, right, these two are friends. Tyra and Landry have been spending so much time hanging out at school discussing the murder they committed, there wasn't much time to flesh out this relationship. Tyra wonders how Julie is holding up after seeing Matt flirt with that girl. Julie says it isn't any of her business, but just then catches sight of them making out in the car. Tyra grabs Julie's hand and directs her away from the scene of the make out and then makes perhaps the most mind-boggling suggestion ever: "What do you say you and I get a vat of ice cream, rent Thelma and Louise and cry our eyes out." Hmm, now what other tortuous plot development got its start with Tyra wanting to a) watch a sappy classic while b) gorging on junk food?

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