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Put Him in Coach
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The Collette ladies (ladies?), the Riggins boys (yes, boys), and Lyla are out drinking and carousing and going to get steaks. Quick cut to Billy and Tim in the truck on the way home, Billy berating his brother for ordering a thirty dollar steak, Tim snarking at Billy that maybe he might want to ask his "soul mate" to stop pointing out who all she's given a lap dance wherever they go. It makes Lyla uncomfortable. Billy tells Tim he's whipped and they pull up in front of a mobile home. "Where are we?" Tim asks. I'm getting an uncomfortable "Ferret Guy" vibe here. Billy says he's got a "business meeting" with someone there about getting some scratch together; Tim suggests maybe he stop picking up checks everywhere; Billy sarcastically wonders if he should have had his fiance's mom pick up the check. The Ferret stink just wafts out from the trailer when Billy knocks on the door and goes in to this "meeting" with a guy with a handgun tucked into the back of his pants.

Football field. J.D. practices with a private coach his dad has brought down from Dallas, as Buddy and McCoy and various other DadThugs look on. Coach comes out of the locker room with his team, giving Matt a pep talk. When Matt pauses to look slackjawed at J.D., Coach insists to him that J.D. is not his quarterback, Matt is his quarterback, and he just needs to focus on Friday night and everything will go fine. Matt meekly says "Yes, sir." McCoy comes up to Coach to thank him for letting them use the field, and then tells Coach that everyone is talking about whether he'll be switching to a spread offense for Friday, and that whatever Coach decides, he supports him. Coach is taken aback -- because what does he care if McCoy supports his decision? -- and tightly tells him that he appreciates it. McCoy continues, smarming that if Coach does switch to the spread, J.D. is ready. Coach just shuts the guy down by saying he's only got the boys until 8, and needs McCoy to clear the cones off the field.

Taylor house, morning. Coach is on the phone with Buddy telling him once again to cram it while buttoning his shorts and tightening his buckle. Mmm. ManDad. He's just hot. Meanwhile Tami is fussing with packages of plastic cups. Coach gets off the phone, and talks at his wife about how horrible the boosters are and how outrageous it is that the McCoys are spending thousands of dollars on this coach for J.D. Tami talks at him about having to plan this party for all the horrible boosters and how much money it's going to cost them. She wonders if Coach has ever thought of not having the party at their house and Coach is like "Wha?" Coach tells her that he knows it's a lot of work but that he promises that next year maybe they'll have it somewhere else. Then he gets all jujitsu on her, leaning in real close and telling her that she looks sexy and that she's the best friend, mother, and lover that a man's ever had.

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