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Smash's house. Smash is giving his sister some dating advice and talking about himself in the third person again. He tells her that he's not nervous about his walk-on, that "Smash don't get nervous, he gets ready." That's taking the third person to the next level, not only referring to yourself by your own name but also using the personal pronoun? It's like worm-hole level ridiculousity. The phone rings and we can gather it's someone asking for his mom to speak to her about a job. Smash is like "My mom already has a job, you've got the wrong number" but Corinna comes in and grabs the phone from him and cheerfully agrees to come in on Saturday. Apparently she's going to take some in-home care on the weekends. Smash wonders why and she tells him that if he gets into A&M, they'll need to pay for it. Smash gets upset but she cuts him off saying, "It's just the situation, we're gonna make it work."

At the grocery, Tami is insisting to the uncooperative butcher that she ordered twenty racks of ribs, not two. Mrs. McCoy rolls up all overly made up and Dallas'd out and tries to real quick just jump in and get two strip steaks from the guy. And, anyhow, we knew this last week, but Mrs. McCoy is played by Janine Turner from Northern Exposure. It's so weird how actresses sometimes have to go into hibernation -- or maybe a better description would be to say they go into a cocoon. They go in as "Single and Nubile" and then pop out as "Mom." Anyhow, I'm psyched to see her. So, she tries to interrupt Tami's butcher tirade but Tami basically tells her to talk to the hand and turns back to the butcher, who has now graduated to telling her "I don't know where your ribs are, lady." Tami blows her top and tells him "Okay, please don't call me lady, okay? Hate that." He goes in the back and in the meantime the ladies get chatting Grocery Store Mom Lady Style. Katie introduces herself and Tami apologizes for being a little rude; Katie tells her she thinks it's hot, "I like a woman who speaks her mind." Katie tells Tami that she wants to get involved at the school, and Tami perks up. Katie wants J.D. to go to a school with books and a music program, and Tami is like, "You and me both" but then tells her about all the budget issues they've got. Katie clarifies: they have money they want to give away, and she wants to throw a party and invite other people to give money away. Tami: "Neat!" Katie: "That's me!" Then Katie asks what "a little thing like you" is doing with twenty racks of ribs, and Tami sighs, "It's a long story" ...and I sort of love this star-crossed Grocery Store Lady Friendship.

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