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Put Him in Coach

Tim and Lyla are in the library. Tim keeps pointing out this creepy kid behind Lyla who's staring at her. Lyla tells him to quit getting distracted and study, so he can ace the test, and improve his grades, and get a scholarship, and they'll both go to colleges that are close together. All the while, moving closer and closer in to Tim's mouth and talking in this total sexpot voice, and the difference between how she is with Tim and how she was with Jason (perky, "Voted Best Couple") in that first episode is totally stark. (JASON? WHERE ARE YOU?!) Tim asks if she's coming over tomorrow night and Lyla says that Angela and Mindy Ole Sis hate her. Tim says -- and can I just tell you how weird it is to type "Tim says" so often? His stellar acting gig of just showing up and glowering is apparently at an end. He has lines to memorize now! So, Tim says that they don't hate her, they don't even know her. Then he says (SAYS!) that "Somebody wants his girlfriend to be there." And, now, when he does this, he does this thing with his arm: his elbow is resting on the table, his hand holds a pencil, and he sort of pumps his arm back and forth. And I guess you are supposed to read this motion that he is charmingly pointing to himself with the pencil when he says "Someone wants his girlfriend to be there" ...except it also looks like a crazy Magnum version of the old finger through an index finger/thumb circle. So there's that. Tim promises that if Angela or Ole Sis even look at her the wrong way, he'll throw a block. He moves and grabs her face and they start making out. As you do, in the school library.

Taylor house. Tami comes in as Coach is bent over the stove shoveling some beans onto a tortilla chip, drinking a beer. Tami's in a grand mood, and tells Coach about how nice Katie McCoy is and also how she's agreed to do the whole barbeque at their house. "Done and done!" Coach just blinks at her for a while and then asks how they can be the host if the barbeque isn't at their house? Tami doesn't really get what he's getting at and sort of moons that it'll sort of be like "co-hosting." Coach says something about this being "MY barbeque" and Tami's voice lowers and she says that it's funny he'd say that since she's the one who's been doing all the work for it. Coach gets righteous, telling her how much scrutiny he's under and he doesn't want to be scrutinized in someone else's house; Tami shoots back that she's under all this scrutiny, too, and she doesn't want to be scrutinized in her own house. Coach raises his voice and tells her that the barbeque is a symbol of trust to have the kids in their own house and make them feel welcome (he's got a point there) and then tells Tami that she's getting played and the next thing you know it's scotch and then cigars and then they're indebted to them. Gracie starts crying and Coach goes to her; Tami looks abashed but calls after him that she's not being played, "She's nice."

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