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Put Him in Coach

Commercials. Practice. Matt is stinking up the scene. Coach tells his kids to loosen up and have some fun. Mac pulls Coach aside and suggests that maybe they give J.D. a few reps. Coach refuses and Mac quietly tells him that it's his job on the line, too, and he's not looking forward to the moving signs in his yard. Coach just clenches and says he'll keep that in mind.

Cafeteria. Matt and Landry sit together, Landry talking about the media machine of J.D. McCoy. He's on the cover of Texas Football magazine. Matt remarks that it's the freshman preview so it makes sense. Landry is rambling about Matt not having "an angle" and Matt just wants Landry to shut it. Landry gets up and leaves, frustrated, just as Julie comes over to say hi. She sits down and tries to make conversation, "So, um, big game Friday." Matt's like "Yeah, it's huge. Yeah, it might alter my life, in fact." Julie asks him if it's a bad subject and Matt just starts rambling. He's trying to concentrate on Arnet Mead, which is hard enough because they never beat Arnet Mead, even Jason Street never beat them, but now he's got this kid named Joe Doyle breathing down his neck and if anyone mentions that stupid seventy yard pass to him ever again he's gonna lose it because it was in practice! I mean, he could throw a seventy yard pass, no defenders no one comin' at you... And, swoon. Zach Gilford, you are seriously Cute Overload. Julie is feeling this as well -- and, have you noticed that her Bangs of Teen Bitchiness are gone, replaced by side-swept Bangs of Sweetheartness? Julie tells him that he's really adorable when he rants.

Smash is in the back of the Alamo Freeze taking inventory. Mr. Pollard comes in to see him to ask him if he's thought of a future with Alamo Freeze. Smash chuckles and says that honestly, no. The old man tells him that they really like his work and that the Alamo Freeze is expanding, opening four new stores, and they need a regional manager. Smash stammers and says he isn't sure, and the old man tells him it would be a ten thousand dollar raise, plus bonuses and a company car. Smash gets sweet naive stars in his eyes and says that he'll think about it.

Taylor house. Katie and Tami sit on the couch with Gracie between them talking about the barbeque. Katie wants to have a margarita bar around the pool. Coach comes in and Tami looks a bit nervous. Tami introduces them and Coach just turns to Katie and tells her that the barbeque isn't about margaritas and games but about getting the kids ready for the Arnet Mead game. Katie assures him that of course that's the case, and Coach leaves to do some work, but not before Tami passes Gracie to him for a diaper change. There. Beautiful. No reason for that detail, except for the reason of PERFECTION. Katie turns to Tami and realizes, "He's mad we took the barbeque." Tami just sighs and says that she really appreciates Katie hosting the party. She puts her head in her hand and laughs, "Makin' it so I don't have to have all these mean boosters who're yellin' at me about the Jumbotron in my house." Katie tells her that what this is, is "growing pains."

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