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Playgirl Ranch. Tyra, Ole Sis, Angela and Billy sit around. Tyra reads a magazine while the rest wedding plan. Tim comes through the door with beer, Lyla behind him. They all cheer at Tim coming in. Lyla offers Angela a beer; she ignores her and takes one from Tim. Ole Sis asks Tim if he wants to hear their wedding vows and then turns to Billy and takes his hands. "Billy Riggins. No one has ever stuck with me so long before. It's there, I know it is, because when I look at you I can feel it? When I look at you I'm home? I don't want that to go away? I don't want to forget?" The line reading is fantastic. She sounds like a twangy robot uptalker. Also, Ole Sis -- wow. The make-up artist must have a ball doing her face. They've got her cheeks just branded with Bonne Belle Shocking Pink blush; she looks like her make-up application evolution ended at 12. So, she finishes her vows, and Lyla starts laughing. But she's the only one. Everyone turns to look -- er, glare-- at her. She's like "Wait, that's Finding Nemo, right?" Ole Sis is like, "Uh, huh?" Angela tells her that it's not nice to laugh at her. Lyla just digs herself in deeper, saying that she thought it was a joke, but no, it's really nice, it's great, it's really romantic. Ole Sis asks her, "What's your problem, Garrity?" Meanwhile, someone has pulled up outside honking the horn. Billy peers out the blinds, "Damnit, Falcon." So it's not Ferrets this time, it's Falcons. Billy tells Ole Sis that the vows were really pretty, and Lyla stammers about how pretty it is, how Finding Nemo has great messages... "about finding love? And family? Tim tell them how much I love Finding Nemo!" But Tim has gotten distracted by his Ferret flashbacks. Angela snarks that she's sorry her daughter's wedding vows aren't up to Garrity standards, but then not much is. And now, I had a flashback of my own. ANGELA EFFING BUDDY. Ughhhh. I had forgotten for a moment. Tyra tells them both to just let it go; Ole Sis is like "Oh, sure, it's only my wedding!" and Tyra tells her to stop being a little princess.

Outside, Falcon drives off and Billy kicks the ground like a two year old and then tells Tim what's going on. There's an abandoned plant out on Route 6 with copper wire. He wants to go steal it, but Falcon just pulled out of the plan. Tim can't believe it, but also can't resist telling Billy that obviously he shouldn't take Route Six -- that'll be littered with cops. Take a back road. Billy narrows his eyes and is like "Wow, you're way better at this than Falcon." Tim realizes what he's asking, but when Billy is all fakey "Oh, just forget it," Tim is like "Okay" and turns to head back in the house. But Billy weasels up to him and tells him that this is the last time he'll ever ask him to do anything; it'll take two hours tops. Tim tells him he's got a team function tomorrow night; he can't do it. Billy begs him. Then in the background, all the ladies come storming out, Lyla following asking them to please don't go. Billy asks what happened, and Angela says they're going home where things aren't so "prissy and judgey." Billy whines, "Thanks a lot, Lyla!" and she tells him to shut up and then storms off to her own car, "Thanks for throwing the block, Tim." Tim goes after Lyla, but she drives away on him. Oh, Tim Riggins.

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Friday Night Lights




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