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Put Him in Coach

Commercials. The Taylors pull up through a gated community and stop at "1512." Tami mutters, "Wow, that is a biiiig house." And, boy is it ever. It's like a Double Whopper McMansion with Cheese Supersized. RA RA AMERICA! Coach says that it looks like a sanitarium. Heh. He mutters that this is all going to really boost Matt Saracen's confidence. Aww. They pull up and there's a valet; Coach insists that he'll park the car himself, the valet assures him there's no charge, Tami tells him to let the valet take the car and Coach just busts out of there PARKIN' THE DAMN CAR HIMSELF. I love dads.

Inside, Katie McCoy comes screeching up to Tami, "Areeen't yoooouu the sexiest principal on the plaaaanet!" and whisks Tami away. Coach is told to find the fellas, but they find him first; he's barely inside the door when he gets accosted by someone asking what the plan for Friday is.

Buddy and Lyla drive to the barbeque. Buddy is outraged that Tim is showing up late to the party, and isn't taking Lyla himself. He thinks it's a whole lot different than it was in the olden days; Lyla interrupts her father saying that she knows he doesn't like Tim. Buddy tells her that he does like Tim, he just knows things about him that Lyla doesn't, and he doesn't want her to have a broken heart. Lyla promises her father that Tim isn't who he thinks he is, and Buddy's like "Aright."

Cut over to Tim and Billy in moron land. They use a U-Haul truck and chain to bust open the metal gate around the abandoned plant. A couple of guard dogs come running out of the fence and the Riggins boys dive back into the truck. The dogs just run past, happy to be free, and the Riggins boys take deep gulps of the relief of the stupid.

Back at the McCoys, the party is in full swing. Everyone is having a grand time. Everyone except Coach, who stands around in his denim shirt with a "P" embroidered over his heart (OMG!) watching Mr. McCoy act like a sociable jackass, and Lyla, who stands around moodily listening to some of the football players talk about how awesome Tim Riggins is. And by awesome, they mean "Royally fucked up all the time."

Back at the plant. Tim and Billy roll huge spools of copper wire onto the truck, Tim sweating and looking like he realizes he's acting the fool.

Back at the party, Matt and Julie stand on some back balcony, Julie talking about how huge the McCoy house is. Matt interrupts, "Hello? Have you seen the Saracen estate?" and they joke around about the Saracen estate's "east wing and west wing." Matt's eye is caught by a room to his left, and they wander in. As Julie notes, it's like a giant shrine to J.D., a room just full of his trophies. And that's it. I guess the "Trophy Room" is Texas's answer to L.A.'s "Present Wrapping Room." Matt and Julie giggle and laugh about how they've even got all his "participation trophies" out. As Matt notes, "Even the fat kids get these." Of course, just then J.D. walks in behind them; Matt and Julie freeze and mumble about what they're doing in there. J.D. snarks that "You know, they actually bronzed my first diaper. I could show it to you, it's in the garage." Matt and Julie don't know what to say, and J.D. just sort of wanders back out. Oh, sweet baby! This kid seems like he could be awesomely damaged. I can't wait to know more about him.

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