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Put Him in Coach

Downstairs, Tyra and Lyla stand around and make me wish for more scenes where they, like, I don't know, sexually harass the football players and make them learn how to do a dance routine. Tyra asks where Tim is and Lyla says he had a thing with his brother. Tyra: "Huh. Yeah, a thing. Rally girl and a free six pack on the way?" but then immediately apologizes for saying it. Buddy comes over, Tyra skedaddles and Buddy asks if Lyla's okay. She says she is; she obviously isn't.

Tim and Billy keep at the copper wire. Tim is ready to go, but Billy asks him to help him get the other three spools. Tim says no, he's already late, and Lyla's waiting. Billy tells him to forget about Lyla for a second, he's his brother. Tim says he doesn't feel like getting busted so that Billy can take Old Sis and Angela out for nice steak dinners. Billy tells him that's not what this is about, that he needs this, he needs a second chance to start a business, have a decent life. "Ain't no more football games and rally girls for me." He begs him to help, when just then a cop car comes screaming by with its sirens on. They duck down, but the cop car drives by, on the way somewhere else. Tim reluctantly agrees to help Billy.

At the barbeque, Coach is playing pool alone when Buddy, McCoy and the private coach the McCoy's hired, Wade, bust in. Coach realizes it's an ambush, and it is when Buddy brings up "the spread." Wade piles on, saying that he thinks Coach should think about the "run and shoot." (And here, I fail you, readers, because I don't know what they're talking about; only I know they are talking about some kind of offense that would require J.D.). Coach says that he doesn't think that they have "the personnel" to install an offense like that; Wade sort of tightly smiles and incredulously asks if Coach thinks he doesn't have the guys for it. Coach has had it, and tells Wade that he doesn't know what he's being paid, but he's not paying him, and he doesn't need his opinion. Buddy tries to cool down the simmer, but then asks Coach to acknowledge that J.D. is a "great little quarterback." Coach pissily says that if that's all they want, then, sure, he's "an incredible fifteen year old." But then he continues, telling McCoy that most of the kids out there hit puberty five years ago, but J.D. hit it about a month ago, as far as he can tell. Coach looks intently at McCoy and says, "I know Matt Saracen. I don't know your son." McCoy looks back just as intently and says kind of threateningly that this is an ideal time for him to get to know his son. Coach tells him to give him a chance and then walks out.

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