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Put Him in Coach

Commercials. Empty stadium. Julie stands outside the locker room waiting for Matt. He comes out, and they awkwardly greet each other. Matt says that he was trying to wait it out to avoid everyone on his way out. Julie tells him they don't have to talk about the game, and Matt asks if they can go somewhere and talk about anything other than football. They start wandering off and Matt, back in adorable mode (but who can forget that MAN that just came roaring out of him just before?) mumbles, "Oh, like they made me Employee of the Month at Alamo Freeze." Pause. "Again."

Smash's house. Smash finds his mother reading on the couch, and he tells her that he's not going to the walk-on next week. He tells her about the Alamo Freeze's offer and says he's taking it. Corinna is like "Hell, no." Smash insists that he's made up his mind, and is going to tell Coach about it tomorrow. His mother says that all he's going to tell Coach is "thank you" and then reminds him about how much Coach has done for him. Smash breaks out and tells her that this isn't how it was supposed to be; he was going to buy her a house. She tells him that she didn't have kids to buy her a house, but then looks him in the eyes and asks "Honey, what's wrong with you?" Smash breaks down a bit and says that he's done everything right, he did everything he was supposed to do, but it's still not enough. That is a heartbreaking sentiment. She tells him -- with even more heartbreaking sentiment -- that he's going to keep doing things right, that that's what will make him a man. She tells him that he is going to that tryout, play like God made him to, and he is going to college. He asks what if he doesn't take her help, and she tells him that he is going to take her help, that he needs to let her be his momma, that it's her job. I never understand all the hub-bub about paying for college on these shows; my parents didn't have any money when I went to college, and I've got the loans right now still to show for it. That's how Americans pay for college, right? And this is a state school! Anyhow. Sorry. Please return to your tears if you wish.

Tim knocks on Buddy's door and asks for Lyla. Buddy tells him he has a nice set of cojones coming over there after standing Lyla up. Lyla comes out and asks her dad to leave them alone. He shuts the door, and Lyla stands in front of Tim, brow furrowed. Minka Kelly has a great brow furrow. She does the affected teen look down look up "I've got something important to say" move and then starts, telling him that so many people have warned her about him, but she always tells them that he's a good guy. "You are a good guy, aren't you?" Tim says he is and then she pleads "Please don't make a fool out of me."

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