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Open with a Replacements song, which is always a good sign. Herc and Jason are getting bad news from a car repairman, who says that Jason's truck is going to cost at least four thousand dollars to fix. Lots of stuff about fly wheels, but who can take a minute to recap that when that minute would be much better spent shrieking about JASON STREET! HOLY MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY IN A ROMAN COLLAR WE HAVE CONTACT! (I'm sorry, I clearly cannot resist Contact references.) Jason makes a negative remark about the truck not being worth that much, which incites Herc to defend "Ole Bessie's" honor, as apparently he was Ole Bessie's previous owner, which just opens the door for the repairman to lecture Herc that he told him for years to take better care of the truck. This sets Jason off, who just starts whaling on Herc for telling him the truck was in good shape when he sold it to him. Somehow amidst all the yelling and flailing, Herc ends up out of his chair on the floor; Buddy rushes out to break it up and we cut inside to Buddy's office, where those mounted and stuffed deer heads have taken on a remarkably friendlier aspect than they had last season. Wonder what's got them all cheery?

Buddy wants to know why Jason flew off the handle, and Jason explains that he only has eight thousand dollars to his name. Buddy tells him he'll just have to live without a car for a while; Jason tells him that he doesn't know what it's like to have to depend on other people for rides everywhere, that he doesn't even fit in most of his friends' cars. He says he's going to have to just pay to have the truck fixed, and pray he doesn't run out of money and have to move back in with his parents. I am more honestly moved by this plight than I have been about just about anything else all season -- Landry's dumb murder, or Julie's growing pains, or Smash's education in racism. Jason Street, let me stop shrieking my greetings to you and instead clasp you close to my bosom. Buddy Garrity seems like he also would like to clasp Jason's head to his bosom, but since he's a man and this is Texas, he suggests instead, "Jason, you ever think about selling cars?"

Tim comes out of the convenience store to find Ferret Guy and his posse in the parking lot. Ferret Guy creeps around, cheerily wondering where Tim's been, inviting Tim to go hunting, et cetera. When Tim tries to get in his car to leave, Ferret Guy grabs him by the neck and creepily sweet-talks him for a moment before head-butting the kid. Before Tim can shake the cartoon stars out of his eyes, Ferret Guy smashes a beer bottle over Tim's head. He tells him that he has until the end of the week to get him his money or he'll shoot Tim's knees off. He hops in his truck with his cronies and calls out to Tim, "Good luck at the game on Friday!"

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