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Speaking of boys girls are often on, Billy and Timmy Riggins are hanging out at The Playgirl Ranch, watching TV and talking about...the stock market? Okay, then. Billy has rattled off some names of associates of his -- Bubba, Bubbo, Bubbee (not really) -- and says that if those guys can make it on the stock market, why can't he. Tim laughs and asks Billy if he's really planning on applying his grade-nine education to the stock market. There's a knock at the door, and they both go into high alert. Which -- I confess I've never had someone make threats against my life, but I'm thinking if I did, and I was around three days into my seven-days-'til-death sentence, that I wouldn't be lounging around watching TV in my house. I don't know what I'd be doing -- maybe like cleaning the oven frantically or something? -- but it wouldn't be that. So Billy tosses Tim a golf club (love!) and goes to open the door, armed with a baseball bat himself. He opens the door and sees that it's Lyla and tries to pretend he was just, uh, practicing his swing. Tim comes to the door and Lyla hands him an envelope, telling him it's the money he owes. Tim says he doesn't want to bring her into this and won't take the money. She tells him that she's not coming back to his house anymore, that Chris makes her happy. Tim refuses the envelope in her outstretched hand, and she drops it on the doorjamb at his feet and walks away. Ice cold again! The Nordic Freeze is getting to her!

Volleyball match. Tyra is spiking the ball straight into the other team's brains, and Tami is cheering her on, like the rad bitch she is. More volleyball, more volleyball. Dillon is doing pretty well, and the score is tied near the end when Tami calls a timeout. The girls circle around and immediately start chalking up their score to luck. Tami tells them to stop it, that they are playing the game and winning the game. It isn't luck. One girl interjects, "Yeah but we are kinda lucky, cuz their star hitter is out sick!" Tami steamrolls right over her, trying to teach these girls some effing self-esteem. She tells them to keep working together, and just then "The Bomb" by New Young Pony Club starts in the background and you know things are going to start going down. Tami turns to Tyra and points her finger in the girl's face and tells her to just keep focusing on Riggins and jamming that ball down his throat. Yeah! Riot, grrrrl! Back to the game, and this is some fantastic music editing because it makes a high school girls' volleyball match look, like, awesome rather than thudding and ungraceful. Lots more volleyball, until Dillon catches the final point and then they shriek and jump like cute girls. Tami hugs Tyra and asks her, above the din, "You had fun, right?!" and Tyra really looks like she did. THANK GOD THAT MURDER IS OVER. Coach looks on at his wife proudly from the bleachers and calls out, "Good job!" What a good husband. Julie leans in and snarks, "So what are they, like, one and seven now?" Eric doesn't give her an inch: "What do you gotta be like that for? Mom is one and one!" Perfection.

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