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The Riggins boys knock on the front door of the Ferret Castle. Ferret Guy opens the door, and they hand the money over and try to leave. Ferret Guy invites them in with a wave of the handgun in his fist. So, of course, they pretty much have to come in. It'd be impolite to refuse such an invitation. Inside the hovel, Ferret Guy counts out the money. He starts hassling Tim, and Billy starts getting a little hot and bothered. Ferret Guy gets to the end of the count, and Tim turns to go. But Billy has to get some last words in, declaring that this is over now and they don't owe Ferret Guy a dime extra. Ferret Guy resembles that remark! He says he doesn't want a dime extra. Billy demands that he never touch Tim again; Ferret Guy says he won't, as long as Tim doesn't give him reason to. Billy doesn't care if Tim does give him a reason, he wants Ferret Guy to promise he'll never touch his little brother again. Because the promises of gun-toting meth addicts really are worth their weight in gold. The situation escalates until Billy calls Ferret Guy fat and then sort of attacks him. Ferret Guy's posse get up and start flexing; Tim finally drags Billy off and they run out to the truck. Ferret Guy and his posse saunter after the frantic brothers, who are muttering about how he's got a gun. Tim can't quite get the truck to rev up, fumbling with keys and such, and so Ferret Guy approaches the window, raises his arm, and cocks the gun. Just then Tim steps on the gas and peels out.

Eric drives along, inscrutable in his sunglasses. Cut to him sitting on the couch with Corinna in the Williams house. Smash comes in the door, and his mom asks him to sit down. Eric tells him, slowly, that the Board called; Smash is suspended for three games. Smash doesn't think they can do this, and Coach tells him that they can and they have. Smash asks if it's because he told the reporter the truth, and his mom tells him it didn't help. Smash thinks for a moment and then realizes, "That's the rest of the regular season." Coach just nods his head. "How the hell are we gonna get to the playoffs?" Eric just looks down. Smash is about to cry as we cut away.

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Friday Night Lights




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