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A police car pulls up outside the Williams residence. Corinna answers the door, and they ask for Brian Williams. They tell her that they have a warrant for his arrest on assault charges. Smash comes to the door and willingly goes with the police while Corinna freaks out wondering what's going on. He tells his mother that "something happened last week," but doesn't say what. They cuff him, and she follows them out to the car, begging to know what's going on.


Morning at the Taylors'. Coach is bitching to Tami about how the girls' volleyball coach just up and left in the middle of the season. Tami listens sympathetically and asks her husband to butter her some toast while she walks with Gracie. She notices Eric looking at her intently and immediately realizes what he wants. "No, no, I am not doing it." Eric interrupts, expositing that she knows the sport, she played varsity in high school, and she just told him how she wants more exercise. She insists that she doesn't have enough time, but she's clearly buckling. All Coach need do is take off his hat and let his hair continue making the case for him. It'd do it in a civilized British accent, I'm sure. Eric tells his wife that she'd enjoy working with the girls, saying that they have a lot of spunk. Julie interrupts to guffaw and say that the team is 0 and 7 so far this season; they're not quite dictionary-definition "spunky." Meanwhile the phone has started ringing; Coach picks it up and says he'll be right down. He turns to Tami and says that he has to go to the police station for Smash. He kisses Tami goodbye and says thank you, even though she hasn't agreed to anything yet.

Jason is in his room, dressing for his day at work, suit and tie, the whole get-up, camera attention paid to his pre-tied tie and button-loop helper thingy. Cut to Garrity Motors, where Buddy introduces Jason to the rest of the sales staff. Buddy is all smiles, reminding them that Jason was the best quarterback Dillon has ever seen, and asks them all to show him the ropes. He leaves, and Jason looks at them all with that sweet, open face that he has, only to be greeted with sighs and exasperation. One guy says, "Can you believe this? As if we're selling any cars as it is." A particularly bitchy lady with real bad Texas hair mutters, "Now we've got competition in a wheelchair." She's kind of got a Stevie-Nicks-on-a-bender thing going on. Except without all the extreme awesomeness that implies. They all just walk away from him, and we end on a shot of Jason in his wheelchair from above and behind, all the other salespeople scattering away from him.

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Friday Night Lights




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