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Coach sits with Smash and Corinna in a lawyer's office. Corinna can't believe he did this; Smash explains that the guy was talking smack to Noannie. His mother tells him that he was supposed to walk away, that's what she taught him. The lawyer jumps in, saying that if they try to make the case that Brian felt threatened, it could lead to a messy trial and if he was found guilty, it'd be likely the judge would throw the book at him. However, since the injuries weren't too severe, if Smash pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, the ADA will likely cut a deal with him. Now, I'm no expert, but isn't all this hubbub a little excessive for one teenager punching another teenager, even if the latter decided to "press charges"? As in, okay, Smash shouldn't have punched him -- but what kind of "book" could a judge throw at him? He's not going to jail or juvie for one punch in a movie theater, right? Anyway, Smash balks at the idea of pleading guilty to anything. Corinna begs him to listen to the lawyer's advice, and he still resists. Coach instructs the boy to listen to his mother, and then Corinna leans in and does some really fantastic tight-mouthed muttering that mothers always do to their children. I'd bet money she's pinching his thigh underneath that table. She tells him that if pleading guilty makes this thing go away, he should do it.

Cut to Smash giving a statement to the press. WTF? Seriously? I mean, this whole storyline is kind of effed as far as Smash's "fame" goes. Nobody recognized him at the movie theater, but now it's such a big deal in the town that he has to give a freaking press conference? He apologizes for striking someone and says that he's learned from his mistakes. The press launch at him with questions, but Coach pulls him out before he has to answer.

Landry is hanging out with a girl with raggedy, bleached blond hair in the cafeteria. So this is where Kit Pistol went after being auf'd! They're talking physics. She's got glasses and short dreads and an awful patchwork shirt. Tyra comes and sits down, wearing a henley shirt with pretty much all the buttons agape, and Landry introduces the two girls. DreadHead is Jean, and as the camera cuts between the two girls -- both with short blond hair -- it sort of looks like Jean is Tyra after being spun around in a proton accelerator. Tyra asks Landry for help on something from biology class and Jean interrupts to give her the answer. Tyra raises her eyebrows at the girl and says, "Thanks...Landry." Jean gets up to go get a soda. As she leaves, Landry remarks on her "cook hair," and Tyra scoffs at him for using his tutoring skills to pick up freshmen now. He babbles about being paired up with her in physics class, and Tyra is incredulous: "She's in your physics class? She looks like she's twelve." Ah, TV high school. The land where twenty is twelve and thirty-two is seventeen.

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