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Creepy mega-church. There's like forty-two people onstage leading the congregation in an awful contemporary Christian sing-along. There's something wrong when your worship service starts resembling a Wu Tang concert. Apparently Lyla's new love Chris is like a hype man or something (or maybe he's the guy who'll throw t-shirts out into the crowd?), because he's really getting down up there. The song ends and we cut to Chris actually preaching. Okay, now the worship service is taking on the appearance of a high school production of South Pacific. He's going on about sin and redemption when Tim Riggins comes staggering through the door, all plaid shirt and bursting biceps. He can't even hold his arms close to his torso, those arms are so ripped. Now I'll say "Hallelujah!" He makes his way down to Lyla, who's conveniently sitting on the aisle. When Tim crouches down next to her, she barely looks at him while hissing, "What are you doing here?" When she finally does look, she sees a huge, seriously disgusting lesion on his forehead from the bottle smash. He tells her he got beat up by three meth addicts the day before. She asks why, and he takes a breath and tells her it was because he stole three thousand dollars from them. He asks her to come to his house the next night and she refuses. The congregation is called to their feet, and Lyla and Tim stand. He tells her he won't leave until she agrees to come over and she finally spits out, "Fine!" He begs her "for sure?" and she says yes. Tim leaves, and Lyla is left in church pretty much not feeling the spirit of Gza so much anymore.

Presumably the next day at school, Tami watches with dismay as the volleyball team sucks up the scene. She stands with arms crossed, unconvincingly saying, "That's okay," as they continually serve the ball directly into the net. Tim is not so patient -- he's there presumably still fulfilling his duties as Eric Taylor's Bitch -- and yells out, "Over the net!" Tami tells him to shut it. Tami is still in facilitating mode as she kindly suggests they try to get one shot back over the net. Tim catches her eye and they have a brief moment; back on the court, the girls continue doing their girlie thing, Tami telling them once, telling them twice to "talk to each other." Each time someone serves the ball, either no one goes for it or ten girls go for it, and we end the scene on Tami finally bursting out with a gurgle of frustration, screaming at the girls for not talking to each other. "I WANNA HEAR YA!" she shrieks.

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Friday Night Lights




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