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Jason is closing a deal over at Garrity Motors. Stevie Nicks looks on in disgust. An announcement plays over the loudspeaker for Jason Street to report to the lounge. He wheels inside and is greeted by the wigged-out bitch, who tells him that he's breaking the rules. He looks confused, and she explains that they follow a point system, which means that the higher your sales figures, the higher you are in rotation. If you're number one, you get the first person through the door every hour. He says he didn't know, and she puts on a fake sympathetic face, telling him that it's okay, he just needs to check with her next time. Before she walks outside to steal his sale, she asks how she looks. Rather than say "like a hooker" in reference to her skin-tight pink leather skirt and gold chain belt, Jason simply tells her she looks great. She purrs, "You know it," and then slinks outside.

Tyra is over at the Taylors' house for dinner. She and Julie are gossiping, Tyra asking if Julie knows some girl named "Jane" with blond dreads in Landry's physics class. Julie thinks for a second and says that there's this girl Jean. She describes Jean as "a brainiac, in all AP classes, into cult movies and music and stuff like that." Tyra looks worried. Eric asks his wife how coaching was, and she sarcastically tells him how great it was, that the girls are so spunky, they don't even know the rules of the game. She accuses Coach of not according her full disclosure, and then instructs the girls to put the chips away because dinner is served. Tyra puts the chips back where they belong -- in the super-high cabinet above the refrigerator -- and Tami catches sight of her long limbs reaching up and spiking those chips back into their place, and the little cartoon light bulb pops right up over her head.

Cut to them mid-dinner, where Tyra gives a middling compliment to the casserole. Tami looks at her and says, "I never realized you were so tall." Tyra replies that she's five eleven, and Tami practically whistles, "You are one tall drink of water." She pauses for a second before saying that Tyra would be great at volleyball. Julie immediately tries to divert Tami, but she should know better. That'd be like trying to divert the Nile in rainy season. Tyra protests, but Tami keeps pushing, telling her that the activity would be great for her college applications -- which I assume are due any day now. Eric leaves the table, not wanting to get drowned himself, and Tami keeps going, talking about how colleges are looking at a candidate's big picture and how athletics are wonderful because they are "mind/body/spirit and when I look at you I think that'd be real good for you." Tyra calls Tami on her shit, saying that all she sees when she looks at her is "a spiker." Tami is like Darwinian in her ability to adapt, and she busts out in agreement with Tyra: "Well, I do look at you and see a spiker! I see a kick-ass spiker!" All Tyra asks is that "Mrs. T" be honest and say that she's asking for a favor. Tami ain't no fool, fool, and she owns up to needing a favor, including a little comment about how playing volleyball could be great for Tyra, too. Tyra doesn't agree, but you know she will.

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