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Lyla and Chris are leaving the church, where they are apparently imprisoned for all eternity. (I get that they do a radio show daily, but seriously, logging that many hours at church can't be what God wants from anyone, is it? I'm sure He needs a break from all the terrible music once in a while.) Chris asks what Lyla wants to do that night, but Lyla lies and says she has to babysit for her mom.

Cut to Tim rushing around The Playgirl Ranch, lighting candles on a table set with flowers. Lyla knocks on the door and Tim takes a deep breath. He tells her that he made some chicken, and asks her to sit down. Lyla immediately goes into high alert and Tim acknowledges that he's acting weird: "These candles, I don't even know what I was thinking." He tells her he needs to get something off his chest, and she turns and leaves. He runs after her, and outside the house he declares that he loves her. She swings around and asks how she's supposed to react to that. He asks for brutal honesty, and she appears to be weighing it, because she is genuinely sweet if nothing else. After a long pause she levels with him: "It's never gonna work." Tim wonders if it's about "this Christianson guy." Heh. She says no, but Tim continues, insisting that she can't have with Chris what they had together. Exactly, Tim. I believe it's called the tenth commandment -- you know, the one about ass? Lyla eyes Tim with an inscrutable look this whole time, and you aren't quite sure if he's convincing her or what she's thinking. He tells her to be honest with herself, and then look him in the eye and tell him that it's never going to happen. Then he'll move on. Minka Kelly, my darling, you are learning how to act! She looks straight at him and, with a completely impassive face, says, "I don't feel the way you feel about me." Long pause. "Move on." Then turns and leaves. Cold! Ice fucking cold!

At volleyball practice, Tyra is getting set up to spike the ball repeatedly while the rest of the girls stand around slack-jawed. Tami is giving her props on the sideline, but there ain't no joy in Tyra's violence. Tami claps her hands and says, "Bee-yoo-tee-ful, Tyra!" and Tyra just sort of shrugs her shoulders and taps the ball back over the net again. Tami approaches her and tells her she's got the skill and height, now all she needs is to get that "Tyra power" behind it all. Tim starts tossing balls toward the side of the net Tami and Tyra stand behind, and Tami calls out of the side of her mouth, "Tim, if you hit me with that ball!..." and then turns back to Tyra and asks the girl to just find a way to get that "erummmmph" -- and she clenches her tiny Tami Taylor fists into an awesome power pump -- behind it. Tyra whines that she's trying, and Tami advises her to just think of something that drives her crazy and make that into the ball. Tyra glances to the side and catches sight of Tim Riggins, picking lint off his shirt like the hottest lice-picking monkey ever, and brightens a bit. "Yeah, I think I can think of something." Practice resumes, and now Tyra is spiking the shit out of the ball. Right at Timmy Riggins. The ball hits him a few times before he learns to get out of the damn way.

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Friday Night Lights




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