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Lyla and Chris are playing mini-golf. How Christian conservative of them! I knew there was a reason I've long despised mini-golf (and my associates have always said it was because I was just no fun!). Lyla, however, is not feeling God in this mini-golf course tonight, and Chris notices. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that she hasn't been quite honest with him. She confesses that she lied about having to babysit the other night, and explains that the guy who came to church was Tim Riggins, and they have a history together.

At the Williams', Noannie is watching television when Noelle knocks on the door. Smash invites her in, and Noannie is somewhat nonplussed: "Didn't Mom ban her?" she asks. Smash tells her to shut it and let them be. Noelle and Smash go to the dining table and Noelle apologizes, saying she can't believe Smash had to apologize like he did. Smash gives lip service to the whole thing blowing over and then the phone starts ringing. Smash tells Noelle that the Smash always lands on his feet when he overhears Noannie telling whoever is on the other end of the line that he's a jerk and to stop calling or she'll call the police. She hangs up, and Smash drags it out of her that the guy who called said he heard she put out to white boys. Smash goes to her and tells her that if the guy calls again, she's to give the phone to him. She starts crying and says this is all her fault; Smash tells her that it's nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Noelle looks upon the fine (dumb) mess she's made.

Cut back to Lyla and Chris, just in time to hear Lyla say, "I know, I know, I slept with my paralyzed boyfriend's best friend. It's the worst thing I've ever done." When, actually, it was sort of the hottest thing she's ever done. But Chris is like a big, blond ice pack, cooling down whatever heat might emanate from a character, and he says, after a long pause, that it must have been hard for her to tell him but that he's glad she did. She tells him that she just wants them to be honest with each other, and he asks whether she still has feelings for Tim. Lyla says no, and we really have to believe her because it really doesn't seem like she does. Chris accepts this and leans in for a very chaste kiss and then proposes they go get -- get this! -- ice cream. This guy really is like the Nordic SteamKill! Lyla wants to continue dousing her parts with ice water, and leans in for one more chaste kiss before heading off to get her No More Sex Before Marriage Sundae (plain vanilla ice milk, no toppings).

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