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At Garrity Motors, Annabelle neighs her way over to Jason. This time she's looking less Stevie Nicks and more Amanda Woodward Walk Of Shame in a leopard mini, skin-tight black plunging v-neck sweater, and big patent belt cinching the waist. Throw a "professional" jacket and stacked loafers on the gal and we're back in '93. She laughs at Jason and tells him his best friend is back. It's mealy-mouthed Gerald; Annabelle tells Jason that low-man on the totem pole has to talk to him. Jason wheels over to where Gerald's looking at the same truck as the other day.

Jason screws up his courage and starts in, asking Gerald what exactly it is that's keeping him from buying the car. Gerald mealy-mouths a response, and Jason wonders whether it's because he thinks he'll find a better one after he buys it? Or because he thinks he doesn't deserve it? Gerald gets impotently annoyed and tells Jason that he doesn't know him. Jason assures him he's not making fun of him, but tells him that all the salespeople have given up on Gerald and sent Jason -- "wheelchair guy, rookie" -- over there because nobody believes Gerald can actually "pull the trigger." Uh, what are we talking about here, again? Jason says that he knows Gerald loves this car, so much he comes in two days a week to look at it. Then he goes for the kill: "Gerald, life is too short. Take it from me. Things can change in an instant. So be a man. Buy this car." Gerald says he's going to think about it, and Jason tells him no, no more, because he's wasting everyone's time. He instructs the man that he loves this car, and so he needs to drive it off the lot today. "Buy it!" Gerald looks at him and says okay. "Pull the trigger." "Be a man." What exactly was Jason implying that buying this car was going to do for Gerald? Is Gerald going to make love to this truck? I think that's illegal in Texas! Jason calls Buddy over to get the paperwork started. Buddy looks at Jason with surprise and then shakes Gerald's hand.

Applebee's. Jean walks up to Landry who is -- I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS -- hanging out with Matt, Tim, and Smash. She tells him they made an A on their physics project. The boys greet this with insinuating grins. She then hands Landry a mix CD that she made him, to help him "embrace the cheese that is power metal." He points out that it says "Parking Lot Mix" on it, and she has to explain the reference. Landry goofily asks if he has to listen to the CD in a parking lot. Grooooan. Exactly the sort of weird thing you say when babbling on in front of someone you have a crush on. She suggests he can listen wherever, you know, bedrooms, too. The boys get all "oooo!"-y at that one. She leaves, and Tim says, "Soulmate, right there," with Matt adding, "God's little gift to Landry right there." But before we can continue enjoying this charming little storyline, we have to get wrenched back into Smash's dumb racism plot. His apology appears on the television playing in the restaurant, followed by an interview with the stupid whiny jerk he punched, who says that Smash is an arrogant thug who attacked them just because they are white and have money. What a joke. In what universe would this kid's "assault case" fly? Smash Williams is no lost corner kid, he's like a major community hero. Anyhow, Smash gets steamed watching this, which is quite convenient for the television reporters who immediately show up to trick him into some sort of confession.

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