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We open on a new church, not the mainline Protestant one that the Taylors and Garritys go to or the African American church Smash's family used to go to, but a bible church, a smaller rural-seeming congregation. Also, they are clapping. I HATE clapping in church. I am so against it. So the congregation is clapping because the reverend has warbled that he is so proud of their very own Luke Cafferty, star of the football team. Has somebody just stuck a landing? No? THEN NO CLAPPING IN CHURCH. Luke seems less like he's obsessing over clapping in church and more like he's concerned with the eternal state of his soul, what with the whole teen pregnancy thing he's embroiled in.

Tim is out in a junkyard conducting some business with a tough-looking dude. The guy's working some kind of metal presser thing. Tim goes to pay him and the dude tells him that he can't take any more of these "skeletons" that Tim's been bringing him. Tim plays dumb, but the guy knows the score: he says that he's kept out of it so far, but if Tim keeps bringing him stripped cars, the cops are going to show up asking questions. Tim stares off into the distance, thanks him and saunters off.

Coach is going over plays with Vince at Ray's BBQ. Instead of memorizing the plays, Vince keeps coming up with improvisatory ideas. Coach tells him to just memorize the plays and then asks if Vince gets it, over and over. Vince swears he does, but Coach isn't convinced. Vince takes off to get to work and Big Merri walks over. Big Merri asks about the play Coach was going over with Vince -- it seems like he says something about delayed drags and timing patterns -- and Coach confirms as much. Big Merri just gives him a dubious "mmmhmm" and tells him he's looking forward to the game. Coach leaves, confused.

Tim and Becky sit outside of his trailer. Becky says that the whole pregnancy thing is putting the bad grade in geometry in perspective. Actually, sweetheart, that grade should loom even larger now, because if you're grades are shit AND you're pregnant? You've got to figure some things out. Becky tells Tim that she hasn't told her mom anything yet. She says she doesn't know what to do, and Tim insists that she needs to tell her mom: "She'll understand." Becky snaps that Tim doesn't know her mom and Tim stands up, tells Becky to take his hand and come with him.

Tami opens the door to find Tim standing there. She greets him warmly, tells him Coach is out, but Tim says that he needs to talk to her, "I need your help." Tami furrows with concern and immediately makes all of America want to jump straight into her hoodie'd bosom. She invites Tim in, but he tells her that actually it's his friend -- Becky, still sitting in the truck out on the street behind Tim -- who needs the help. Cut inside where Tami asks them if they've talked about their options. Becky quickly corrects her, "Oh, he's not the father" and Tami says that maybe then Tim should wait outside. He goes, Tami sits down. Tami asks Becky if she's told her parents; when the girl says no, she follows up and asks if Becky thinks that she would be in any physical or emotional harm if she were to tell them. Becky says no, and then mentions that it's just her and her mom and she just hasn't been able to tell her yet. Tami tells her that she's got to find a way to tell her mother, as soon as she can. Becky finally has someone in authority to listen to and trust, and she quickly agrees. Tami asks about the father, and Becky says that he knows, but she barely knows him and doesn't love him, and that she just feels like this whole thing is a bad dream she wants to go away. Tami empathetically nods and murmurs that she understands. But Becky needs more than empathy; she looks at Tami and demands, "What should I do?" Tami tells her that she has free medical assistance available to her throughout her pregnancy and that she could refer Becky to the local adoption agency. Becky's face has changed and she breaks in hesitantly, "What if I don't-- What if I don't want to have a baby?" Tami a bit more tightly, but graciously, nods and says she can direct Becky to literature on that. They just look at each other across the table.

Credits. Lions practice. Vince is missing receivers. Coach calls him over and lectures him that he has to wait for the receivers, but Vince is worrying over the offensive line not blocking. Coach tells him to just worry about his lanes and worry about his own job. Up in the stands the Reverend and the other boosters sit around clucking like old hens about how these boys have to get it together. Big Merri walks up and they chuckle and get happy about him being there; but then keep grumbling about how Vince "couldn't hit water from a boat today." Coach glances back at his gossiping watchers, Big Merri mumbles about the Lions not being very good.

Becky and her mom sit at the table eating frozen dinners. Her mom holds up a piece of some kind of meat and snarks about what the hell it could be and that she should sue them over the mystery meat. Becky looks at her and blurts out "I'm pregnant." Her mom's mouth gapes, and then she laughs, "That's not even funny, Becky, why would you...?" But then as Becky's face crumples, she realizes that it isn't a joke and maybe Tami should have asked if Becky was in danger of any high-pitched voices if she told her family. Because her mom starts screeching, berating Becky, "How could you?" "You're not pregnant." "DAMNIT BECKY!"

At the Taylor's, Tami and Coach whisper while doing dishes. Coach has just finished putting Grace down. Julie busts in the front door and loudly greets them all, and is met with desperate shushing. They do some quality family mumbling and teasing until Julie tells them that she's invited a friend over on Wednesday for dinner. Tami wonders what kind of friend and Julie tries to play it off like it's no big, "Remember that guy Ryan from Habitat?" Julie whooshes back out of the kitchen to go do homework and Coach whisper snaps "How old is he?!" Tami says she doesn't know but she does know that it won't last long, it's a rebound. She pauses and tells Coach about Tim and Becky's visit. Coach: "Tim Riggins is gonna be a father?" Tami quickly corrects him and then they both puzzle over what the hell relationship Tim and Becky have if it isn't romantic/sexual (Tami: "I think they're like friends or somethin?"). Coach asks if she thinks it went alright and Tami said that she thinks it did, she told the girl about her options and then told her to talk to her parents. Tami keeps spooning leftovers into containers as she and Coach obviously jump straight from thinking about this strange girl's reproductive system to their own daughter's.

Vince comes home with some food from Ray's BBQ for his mother. He walks in the house all jaunty, telling her about the delicious food he's got, but we can see her kind of splayed on the couch in the background, not looking so good. When he realizes that she's not responding, he goes over to her, his voice getting smaller and smaller as he says "Mom?" over and over again. He bends over her and realizes that she's unconscious and quickly picks up the phone to call an ambulance. Cut to the hospital, where we fade in on Mrs. Howard in a hospital bed, the machines beeping and whirring. She opens her eyes just barely and Vince anxiously moves toward her; he reaches out and touches her face tenderly. She mumbles, asking what happened and Vince, brow furrowed tells her "You od'd. You had a little bit too much." Man, Michael B. Jordan's face is so wonderfully expressive; in this one face you've got the abandonment a child feels mixed with the concern and softness a caretaker feels. He tells her that the doctor has her sedated (is that what they do with people who o.d. on, presumably, heroin?). He tells her that she'll be fine and she tries to rise up, asking him to give her a hug. But she's stopped by the restraints on her arms; Vince tells her, with a glance at the nurse sitting in the corner, that the restraints are so she won't hurt herself. She nods, sedated. He scoots his chair close

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