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r to her and leans in. He looks at her and asks "Mom. Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why do you keep doing this to me? I mean, am I bad? Why don't you wanna be with me? Why do you want to leave me by myself? Because... I don't know... I don't know if I can do it by myself. I can't do it by myself." He's broken down crying as he says these words to her, and it looks just a little bit like this is finally getting through to her, even through the fog.

Commercials. East Dillon. Becky struggles with her locker, Luke comes up and opens her locker and in the process totally looks like HUSBAND MATERIAL. He asks if they can talk, and she wonders about what. "You know what I want to talk about." Becky is worried that Luke has told people about it, and then snaps that she hasn't made the appointment and he needs to stop hassling her. He can barely get a word in edgewise. She says it's her problem and he just needs to forget about it; he finally blurts out that he can't forget about it, but she says, "Well, that's what I'm trying to do" and walks off, in the process putting a big fake smile on her face as she runs into some friends down the hall. Luke, left in the background, stands around all alone with his old-fashioned slow decision-making processes.

Riggins Rigs. Billy is settling a bill with two customers, Tim under the hood. One of the customers wanders over to the big tarp ten feet away and wonders what Billy's got under there. Billy snaps at him to get away from there and the guy's like "chill out, man." Billy tries to cover by exchanging a very meaningful glance with Tim and then blustering that fixing cars is delicate. Tim covers up by continuing to give Billy death ray eye glares that aren't suspicious at all.

Cut to Becky and her mom at the clinic. The doctor is rattling off what he explicitly says is state-mandated information, about probable gestational age and such when Becky's mom interrupts him and says that they get it, she doesn't need to hear about "the procedure blah blah blah. She's not having a baby, she's having an abortion." The doctor quietly says again that this is state-mandated. Becky's mom crazy-eyes about saving everyone some time, nobody needs to hear this. The doctor replies that after he finishes telling her the information she can decide what she wants to do. Meanwhile, the camera has focused on Becky, caught in between all this noise and all these people talking at her, nicely pointing up the absurdity of thinking that either mindless resolve (like her mom's) or "rational" information (like the doctor's) is of any help to her. Cut to Becky and her mom leaving the clinic, her mom more flouncing than walking. She thinks it's unbelievable that some right wing doctor is telling her she has to take another day off work in order for him to tell them they're trash, she thinks it's all so insulting. Becky takes her mom's ranting the wrong way and says "I'm sorry, alright? I'm SORRY." Her mom grabs her and says that "It's alright, it's alright. You are gonna be fine. You are going to do this, and you're going to live your life, and you're not going to think about this. You don't have be sorry, you're going to be fine." Oh, momma. This is a sweet sentiment, but why are you living out your messed up shit through your kid?

Vince finds a woman out at the nurse's desk to ask about the hospital's rehab program. She says that his mom -- whose name is Regina apparently, did we know this yet? -- needs the 30-day in-patient treatment. But the earliest opening the hospital has is January (and it is now, say, October, in FNL world). Vince says they must get cancellations, right? His mom needs help now. She apologizes and says that the state residential centers have a really long waiting list. She gives him a brochure for a private rehab center; Vince exposits, "This looks pretty expensive."

Coach and Big Merri are at a bar. Big Merri wonders if Coach knows what his problem is. Coach doesn't, but thinks that Big Merri is most probably going to tell him. Big Merri informs him that he doesn't know how to coach Vince, he doesn't even know how to talk to him. Coach is the first to play the race card, telling Big Merri that he simply can't be telling him that he can't coach Vince because he's white and Vince is black. Big Merri denies that and tells Coach that he's missing some things; Coach declares this conversation "supremely irritating" and then asks again whether Big Merri is making a racial comment: "Are you saying you can see this because you're black?" Screwing up his face, Big Merri says that he doesn't understand Vince because he's black, he understands him because "he's me." "Do you know what it's like to be the most athletic guy on the field and be told 'don't follow your instincts, follow the playbook'?" Coach's hair takes this information into consideration for some time before he busts out in that boyish way that he has, "What the hell am I supposed to do? Kid's gotta learn the plays!" They spar some more, Coach ordering up two more drinks.

Cut to Tami, driving Coach around in the morning light. She says she does appreciate him taking a taxi last night, but "you need to face some realities about your age which are that you can't go drinkin' like that on a school night." They pull into the bar's parking lot but no car is to be found. Tami is like "You don't even remember what bar you were at, do you?" He tells her to go around back and Tami just mutters "Good lord, you gotta not feel like you gotta drink everybody down under the table." If I could have a job just transcribing Tami's little turns of phrases, I'd just be so -- oh wait! I do have that job! They get around back and there's the car. Tami stops a good thirty feet away. Coach is like "There's the car" and she's like "Mmmhmmm." He realizes that she's not going to drive him over there. "Are you serious?" She says "I think a walk'll do you good. Fresh air in your hair." Coach's hair is like "But oh, ouch, ouch, ouch, it hurts to walk." Now, I do not tend to believe easily in shout-outs, but that line, about the air in his hair -- they're trying to communicate with me, aren't they? Exterior shot of the car with Coach inside looking real hungover and sad about having to take that walk. He finally gets out, Tami trilling that she hopes he feels better today, and Coach palms the side of his head and hair, trying to make it so every single follicle stops singing so loudly about the beer he had to drink last night.

Playgirl Ranch. Billy's in the kitchen with an apron on, Tim is telling him that they've got to stop this chop shop side business thing they've got going on. It's getting too risky and they have no one to take the frames any longer. Billy says he hears Tim, but on his way to bring a tray of food to Mindy, Billy suggests-- whispering-- that maybe they could, uh, drive the cars off a cliff. Tim reminds him: "They have no engines, Billy, we've stripped them and sold them." Billy runs the food in and runs back out with another idea: we could dump them in the lake! Tim thinks that's a great idea: "Yeah, Billy, we'll just strap 'em on my back, I'll swim 'em out there!" Time for idea #3: let's bury them! Dig a big-ass hole and bury them. Tim doesn't have a quick comeback, but does mutter that that sounds like a lot of work. Billy: sure, it's a lot of work, but it's a lot of money and a lot of trouble if they don't get rid of them. Looks like Car Tomb is the plan!

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