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nd tells her that he believes in her. "You can do this." They embrace and she heads off to her new room with the counselor. Vince stops at the reception desk, and when the assistant tries to arrange payment, he hands over an envelope of four thousand dollars cash. She looks at it suspiciously, but takes it. He heads out the door and gets into the Black Cadillac of Bad Influence in which Calvin, of course, sits. The driver -- the same guy who was teaching him and Calvin how to steal cars? -- hands him a gun and tells Vince "Got you, man." Snares! Of bad influence!

Luke is out on his front porch on the phone. He's rambling to Becky, and launches straight into a speech about how he's sorry if he gave her the impression that this whole thing was just her problem (and the funny thing is, Luke never gave her that impression, she sort of just assigned that role to him and he's just been too slow and male to correct it) and that he wants her to know that he will be there, no matter what. "I will uh... help us... raise our kid, er, help you." Like Luke got stuck in the "fantasy" part of the decision-making process, the stage where Becky imagined she could correct all her mom's mistakes by having the baby, Luke imagines how this will help him be even more of the stand-up man than he already is (wait, would that be possible?). And he continues, saying that he knows they're young and they don't know each other, but she needs to know that she's not alone. Becky finally cuts him off: "Luke, I took care of it. So you don't have to worry." He asks if she's alright and she says yes, and that it was the right thing to do. She thanks him for calling, sincerely, and then tells him that she'll see him at school. Luke, left speechless again by Becky, leans on the porch rail and stares, Becky, in her bedroom, sits on the bed and cries. Oh, Becky, don't cry too much. It's a hard thing, but it was the right thing.

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