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And we're back! So, I somehow remained completely innocent of what has been happening this season as the show has aired on DirecTV all fall. And it paid off. Because I did fall off the couch a few times during this episode.

We open with beautiful Texas landscape shots and Slammin' Sammy Meade's radio show mulling over Coach Taylor. A nice return to classic FNL form. People are calling in and, like always, complaining about Coach, and also filling us in on something that happened during the writer's strike that we never knew about: Smash injured his knee. Meanwhile, the Taylors are bickering, piling in the car, and on their way to school. Julie wants to take a different English class so she can leave school earlier to get to an after-school job. Tami doesn't like this plan. Coach tells Tami, "Principal Taylor, you look hot." Principal Taylor!!!

Early morning press conference at school. Reporters grill Coach on how the team imploded in the playoffs last year when Smash injured his knee. They wonder how the team will win anything this year now that Smash has graduated. Coach avers that the team is solid. Cut to jokey field montage of how jiggly the team really is. Then the reporters want to know if Tim Riggins is really focused this year. Cut to jokey montage of Tim Riggins drunk as hell in a variety of different locales, doing things like puking out the sliding glass door at the Playgirl Ranch. Reporters want to know how Riggins and Saracen are "gelling." Coach says they're like brothers; montage tells us that these two are no such thing. Final question to Coach is about the new freshman quarterback in town, J.D. McCoy. Coach informs them all that McCoy is just a freshman and that Saracen is still his guy, the boy can handle anything. Cut to Saracen muckle-mouthing about not being able to get a knot out of his shoelaces.

Matt, Landry, and Tyra walk to school; Landry and Tyra have either "broken up" (Tyra's explanation) or are "taking a break" (Landry's). Tyra has apparently gotten a really bad perm. They walk by McCoy practicing before school and Saracen gets depressed.

Pep rally. Buddy tells Coach over the roar of the crowd not to worry about "that two game rumor." Coach doubletakes. The roar dies down, Coach takes the microphone. He addresses the rapt crowd, "I just want to ask all of you one question." Perfectly timed pause. "You ready for Friday night?" Everyone goes nuts. The team walks in, and we're treated to the perfect dissonance of a crowd going wild, melancholy and weighty instrumental music over top, calling all that good cheer into question.

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