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Thumping drums of a !!! song take us over to the field where boys practice football in slow motion and ladies all across the land get a little hot under the collar. Buddy's up in the stands talking with some guy. Mac remarks to Coach that McCoy is looking good on the field. Coach remarks that they'll "see what happens when the marbles drop," which at first I thought might be testicular humor, but I guess is more about how he'll do in a scramble. Meanwhile, Saracen takes the red shirt and just slops all over the field. Coach asks Mac who Buddy is talking to in the stands, and Mac tells him it's McCoy's dad, a big beer distributor, the "Stud of Suds." Coach's jaw is nearly wired shut in pissed-offness.

Tyra, in a meeting with the assistant principal/guidance counselor she's stuck with now that Tami is principal. She nervously tells him that she's planning on applying to UT Austin, TMU, maybe A&M. This jerk in short sleeves asks her if she really thinks that her plan is realistic. She tries to reply but he interrupts her to remind her of her low GPA. She reminds him of the progress her record show; he tells her that her freshman year 1.9 still counts. "It all counts." He tells her that state schools are a pipe dream and encourages her to think of junior colleges. She sets her jaw and asks, "Like Dillon Tech?" He tells her to not look down on Dillon Tech. "It's a realistic option."

Tami is struggling, too, over in her office, in front of the computer. Buddy waltzes in and glibly hands her a check, after waxing poetic about Jumbotrons for a bit. Tami's jaw drops when she sees all the zeros on the check. After having told him that she's working late to figure out if the school can afford chalk or soap this year -- "wish I was kiddin'" -- and telling him about the school having laid off four teachers because of budget cuts, she looks at Buddy and naively asks, "You really think we need a Jumbotron?" Buddy kicks back and tells her they're going to make a beautiful team. Oh, he has no idea.

Commercials. What's with all the document-related fear-mongering in that Uni-ball commercial, S. Epatha Merkerson?

The Landing Strip. Fully, if scantily, clothed women give men lap dances. What a wholesome strip club! Tim is talking to his brother about how Lyla is screwing with his head, not acknowledging their relationship in public. Billy tells Tim that he told him so, that Lyla Garrity is never going to take him seriously. Billy tells his little brother that he needs to find the love a good woman, you know, "like I've got with Mindy." Billy and Ole' Sis! Finally! Tim points out that the great love Billy has with Ole Sis is perhaps mitigated slightly by the fact that she is currently wearing a bra and grinding on a drunk trucker right behind them. Billy doesn't care, it's just her job. And then he talks some serious sense. He points out to Tim that Lyla went to bed with Jesus, and then woke up with Tim. Billy illustrates with hand levels: Jesus (up here); You (down there). "You are a rebound from Jesus."

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