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At the doctor's office. The doctor gives Smash a clean bill of health. His mother giggles with joy and says that she knew he would be able to get that scholarship back. So Smash lost his scholarship to the historically-black school that he ended up choosing last year simply because it seemed like they didn't want him only for the football? And that decision coming after Smash had already lost another scholarship because of a ridiculous racist set-up? Man, life ain't easy for this kid. Smash tells his mom to cool it, that he's lost the scholarship and isn't too sure he'll be able to get it back. He asks the doctor if his knee is "back to normal" why he isn't as fast as he used to be. The doctor tells him there's no guarantee he'll regain the same speed he had before the injury. Smash takes this hard.

Landry and Tyra sit outside her house. Tyra's waste-of-space mom comes out and asks Landry if he fixed the toilet for them. He has, and her mom goes on about how smart he is (ignoring the possibility that her daughter is smart-- which she is). Landry gets momentarily distracted by all the thongs and bras hanging on the line behind him. Tyra snaps at him and he gets back to some math that he's doing. "Um, if I carry the one...." Then he tells her: to get the 3.5 GPA she wants, she'd have to get a 6.4 GPA this year. Which: impossible.

Tami helms a faculty meeting. She is wearing a fantastic white skirt suit, sweetly telling them that she is there for open dialogue and that she really aims to be there for the teachers this year. The teachers pause for one moment before going for the kill. They need textbooks, they want to laid-off teachers rehired, they need a Spanish teacher that actually speaks Spanish, et cetera. Tami stutters about making a list.

Cut to football practice. Saracen is still stinking up the scene. Coach calls Saracen and Riggins over and tells them that if they don't get their shit together he will replace them. Then he tells them to "make it work." Somehow I think the Tim Gunn reference is perhaps lost on these boys? Practice resumes; in the background an ice-cream truck playing Beethoven's "Fur Elise" pulls up. I didn't notice this at first, but you can hear Mac shout out -- in complete "takin' no shit" coach voice-- "Smoothies!" Coach is like "What?" and demands to know what the hell the truck is. Mac tells him that it's smoothies-- "you know, those tangy drinks, with the fruit and the yogurt." Coach knows what a damn smoothie is. Mac says that McCoy's dad sent them over for after practice. Coach is like "GET THAT SMOOTHIE TRUCK OFF THE FIELD!" So then Mac walks toward the smoothie truck and shouts, "Get those smoothies outta here. Let's go!" The whole thing is sort of grandly absurdist. Even more so when one of the players kicks the dirt, "Damn, I wanted a smoothie" and Coach flips his shit.

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