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School. Tami catches Tyra leaving the building and asks where she's going. Tyra says she's cutting class. Tami scurries along behind her telling her that no she isn't, not after all the work they've done together. Tyra snarkily asks her what the work was for, "to get into Dillon Tech?" and then yells at Tami for filling her head with college dreams. Tami tells her that she never said it would be easy and Tyra swings around and wags her finger at her mentor, "You never said it would be impossible!" Tyra stomps off and no amount of motherly growling from Tami -- "No, ma'am. You get back here right now!" -- will turn her around.

Commercials. Taylor household, morning. Coach plates up some eggs for Julie who bitchily informs him that she only eats free-range eggs. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard" her dad responds. Julie then does that "Dad is clueless" Jedi mind trick thing, telling him that she needs him to sign this form for her to switch into the English class her mom doesn't want her to take. Julie is a teen mastermind. He resists at first, but then she lays it on thick about how she needs this schedule change so she can become a responsible adult and join the workforce. Which really means: she is trying to force her parents to buy her a car. Coach is confused by all this womanly talktalktalk and takes a look at the form.

Also confused by this womanly talktalktalk is Tim Riggins, who chats with Smash at the Alamo Freeze about how confused Lyla is making him. Smash asks Tim how it feels to be playing his old position. Tim tells him that he'd switch back to fullback any day; that everyone is riding him and that every day he's reminded that he's no Smash Williams, that he's still too slow and he doesn't know how he's going to get back to where he was. Smash tells him that they're in the same boat: "I've just been told I'm no Smash Williams, neither." Tim poses the obvious question, "Wait. So doctor says you can't do it. So what's the issue?" Smash looks down and says that's a good question.

At school, Tim is getting his love line read in the hallway by a girl who reveals to him that his love line indicates that he's really good in bed. She leans in close and tells him that she's heard stories, but she's, you know, never gotten to experience it herself. Which is a funny line, as if she is trying to remind him that they have not slept together, because, you know, he probably loses track a lot. Lyla swoops in and tells Joanie to beat it. Then she leans in on Tim in a slightly different way. "Why is it the minute you walk into this school you turn into a dumb jock?" She yells at him for playing into the dumb stereotype; he yells at her about how he's just a fling to her. She tells him that he scares her; he shows up drunk to school, he doesn't go to class, his relationships last twenty minutes. How is she supposed to take him seriously if he doesn't take himself seriously?

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Friday Night Lights




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