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A knock at the door, Tami opens it to find Tyra standing there. Tyra jumps right into it, telling Tami that her sister and Billy Riggins just got engaged. Tami naively congratulates her, but Tyra sums it up, telling Tami there's nothing to celebrate, they're just going to have a kid, get divorced, and Mindy will spend her life going after Billy for child support. Tami: "Oh." Tyra then tells Tami that she doesn't want to end up like her sister, that she wants college for herself so badly, that she knows that the Vice Principal thinks she's a moron, and she knows Tami is super busy now, but that: "I need your help." Slight break in verisimilitude here; as if any teenager in the history of the world has ever actually asked for help when she needs it. But, obviously, super sweet, because these two ladies could rule the world if they wanted (especially once Tyra grows her damn hair back out). Tami invites Tyra in, and we get a long shot of the Taylor's front door, Tami dressed in the greatest little boxer shorts and t-shirt evening lounge wear.

Commercials. Morning, football field. Smash walks up to Coach wearing his short-sleeved white shirt, black pants, and tie that is apparently his Alamo Freeze outfit, but which is also sort of hilariously militant in a Malcolm X sort of way. That fast food establishment runs one tight ship, assalam alaikum. Coach yells at Smash for being late; Smash tells Coach that he's not doing this anymore. Smash tells Coach that football is over for him; he thanks Coach and tells him that the truth is he'll never be what he was, that he needs to start living his life as Brian, he'll never be Smash again. Coach pauses, swallows his instincts and says "Alright, Brian, it's your decision." Smash thanks Coach again and tells him that he had the best time of his life on that field. Gah. That is heartbreaking. I can't imagine if the best time in my life was in high school. That would mean that my best times involved a lot of spoken word poetry and crying.

Tyra walks in to the Vice PrinciJerk's office and hands him her application to UT. She also tells him that she'll be running for student council president. And THEN she tells him to NEVER, EVER tell her that she's not going to get into college. "See, I don't accept that fate for myself, and I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid it." Slow clap from the couch in Chicago, girl! I love this storyline, because I had a number of male total ass teachers in high school, especially in math, one in particular who, I remember, asked me if I had "really" written an editorial for the school newspaper, like he couldn't believe that I had, an incident that makes my blood boil still thinking about it now.

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