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I Knew You When

Commercials. Afterparty at Buddy's car dealership. Smiles all around, Tim and Billy spike their soda with a flask, old codgers corner J.D. And Buddy's corralled the Lady Mayor and a bunch of others over by a Jumbotron mock-up, telling them all about his Jumbotron dreams. Tami comes over and asks to speak to Buddy for a minute, pulls him aside and tells him that she's really worrying about all the basic things the school needs. Buddy is like "....and?" and then rambles on about the bake sale and how they raised $3,000 last year. Tami interrupts him and tells him that she's decided to reallocate his check to academic expenses. He protests that the funds have already been earmarked. Somewhere, Sarah Palin licks her finger and puts it up to the wind. Tami tells him that the bylaws give the principal the right to redistribute funds. Then Buddy protests about the way they've always done things, and Tami just cuts him off and says "This year, it's gonna be different. I'm sorry."

Across the room, Tim thanks Lyla for kicking his ass in gear, and then tells her that he's okay if she doesn't want to tell anyone about their relationship. Lyla smiles and then as Tim walks away, she calls out, walks up to him and they start making out for all the world to see. Buddy, in the background, gets the whole show. He's going to need to put that Jumbotron in his house, to keep track of what that girl is doing.

Mr. McCoy stops Coach as he walks past, and thanks him for putting J.D. in. Coach tells him that he always gives "the other boys" a chance, once they've got one in the bag, and then keeps walking. The sentiment behind Coach's smile is not lost on McCoy. I feel sorry for his son, who hopefully is going to turn out to actually be sweet, despite his crap-ass dad.

Buddy gets everyone's attention and starts rolling some "Great Moments of Panther Football" on the TV next to the stage. Everyone claps and good-naturedly laughs when it opens with Buddy's high school head shot, and then continues on to show footage of all the state championship teams, and great coaches past. The camera ranges around the crowd, and you get such a perfect sense of community; these people all brought together by this shared passion, but also all so totally estranged from each other, in their own secret worlds-- Saracen looking lonely and scared, Mr. McCoy looking grasping and envious. Jason Street's picture comes up and everyone cheers, and then we got lots of footage of the 2006 State Championship team, including multiple shots of Smash Williams making a series of incredible running plays. Coach, out in the crowd, looks on, his face in familiar Man Emotional Lock Down.

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Friday Night Lights




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