Friday Night Lights
I Think We Should Have Sex

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Sometimes I Like a Little Puddin'

Over in the Cabin of I Could Die of the Cuteness, Matt and Julie are leg wrestling. They are laughing and giggling and loving each other. Matt gets a glimpse at Julie's feet and teases her that she has the ugliest feet ever. She says that having the second toe longer than the first "is a sign of royalty." Aw, I love that. A little joke that is clearly a Taylor family joke, and she's sharing it with the boy that she loooovveeess. She points out that he has dirt all over his feet. "Omigod, we were gonna have sex tonight and you didn't even wash your feet?!" Matt mutters, "I was gonna keep my socks on!" Aaaaahhahaha! I love that he thought the issue through ("What will be on my feet while we do it?") and came to that conclusion ("They will be be-socked!"). Boys: Coming to ridiculous conclusions about sex since the beginning of time.

Ponderous piano chords of Ryan Adams's "Political Scientist" take us over to Shaggy Greasy Timmy Riggins, swigging a forty out front of the bar from the opening scene. He tosses the bottle to the ground. He wanders inside and makes eye contact with the guys he and his dad hustled. He just stands there at the door, his head lowered as the entire bar full of men start moving toward him. Cut over to Tyra finding out from her mom that Buddy fired her. Tyra's mom shrills that she doesn't want to talk about it. Tyra's phone rings, though, and it's her bartender friend Theresa telling her that Tim is about to get his ass kicked. Tyra tells her mom they'll finish the conversation later.

Back outside the bar, the slow music adds terrible import to poor little Timmy in the center of a circle of about twenty or thirty full-grown men. As Ryan starts howling, "There's no guaranteeeeeees, there's no guaranteeeeees," Tim runs at the ass he hustled, who throws him to the ground and starts punching the crap out of him. Tim smiles with feral abandon, his mouth bloodied. A good number of the men file back in to the bar, their desire to watch a full-grown man beat up a high school kid satisfied. But the Hustled Man keeps after Tim, smarming about Tim not having his father there to protect him. He lands four or five terribly violent punches before Billy and Tyra pull up and rush to break them up. ["In their time-traveling Delorian, one would assume. Unless it took Tim and Hustled Man twenty minutes to walk outside." -- Joe R] Billy shoves the ass away, telling him that Tim is "just a kid, man, he's just a kid." Tyra peels Tim off the ground, and then she and Billy hoist him between them and carry him off, lurching.

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